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The Zombie Sword is a powerful blade featuring both a cutting and a serrated edge for maximum violence.
— In-game Description

The Zombie Sword is a sharp Maiming weapon featured in Dead Island 2.


Zombie swords, also known as "Tactical Swords", are blades [allegedly] specializing in zombie combat. These are real-life blades sold online so any zombie swords would have been in circulation in L.A. well before the Autophage outbreak began. The real-life quality of these blades is questionable, and the stainless steel used to make them is not good enough for prolonged use that a zombie-killing tool would need. In Dead Island 2, however, they appear to be made out of proper iron and get to be used in their intended manner, competing with the machetes and swords distributed around the fallen city.

Gameplay-wise, Zombie swords are used similarly to Machetes, often interchangeably at that. Most mods that work on machetes also work on Zombie Swords, so the player can simply use which one is either higher level, better rarity, or simply as they prefer.