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Zombie Dogs are a type of special zombie featured in Dead Island: Retro Revenge. They're dogs who have been infected by the virus. They're first met by Max in stage 1-1 where they appear in small numbers. They can then be found in nearly every level.


Zombie dogs are just that, dogs who have been infected by the virus and are now actively seeking out living like any of the other infected. They're quite fast, perhaps not quite as fast as Hyenas but certainly faster than Walkers. They'll run at Max down one lane but they have no ranged attack and will not switch lane.


Zombie dogs have been heavy affected by the virus. They are clearly more degraded than any other zombie, even Walkers who are typically seen with chunks missing or exposed bones. It's likely that this is partly due to zombies eating the body before it reanimated. Either way, the head, front torso and legs are mostly unscathed, though blood is seen around the jaw of the zombie dog. The hind section of the dog, however, is in very poor condition, with exposed ribs seen as well as the rear left leg showing exposed bone and muscle.


Dogs are fast and will run down the lane at Max like other zombies. However, they have no ranged attack and like other zombies they will not switch lane should Max change row. Due to their small size, Dogs are hard to hit and so use that to their advantage, along with fast speed, to catch survivors who are unaware or unprepared for them.


  • As they are a small target, they can only be hit with the low attack. High or normal attacks will not hit them, leading to Max getting mauled by them. Use the low attack or a special attack to hit them.
  • They only take one hit to kill, like Walkers, making them quite weak.
  • They also die in one hit to barrels, a power up or special attack such as magic, so while hard to hit they are easy to dispatch once hit.
  • If hit again after being thrown in the air with the down attack, they act as projectiles, capable of hitting and killing other enemies like a barrel does. Doing so rewards the 'homerun' points which is worth +100 points.


  • They're the only undead animal to appear in the Dead Island games. This is due to game not being canonical as only humans are affected by the Autophage
  • They are the first undead animal seen in the series, though technically they'd be the second mentioned infected animal, as an Infected Orangutan is mentioned in the tape recorder #8.