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Zoey is a Survivor and Merchant introduced in Dead Island: Riptide. She's a member of the Paradise Survival Camp group.

Before the outbreak, Zoey was a gun runner who came to Palanai Island in order to make a deal with the local smugglers. Unfortunately this coincided with the arrival of the monsoon and later, the outbreak of mutated Kuru, leaving her stranded. Despite being a gun runner she is not a skilled combatant, and instead serves the team by finding and repairing weaponry she scavenges.

She first is seen at the end of the main quest Castaway when the Hero blows up the bridge to prevent the zombie horde invading the camp. She remains at the camp with all the survivors while the heroes search for a boat to take them to Henderson and also defends the camp from Marcus Villa when he gets a horde to descend on the camp during the main quest The Ritual. Prior to this, she gives the side quests Electrifying and Mines Go Boom to increase the defences of the camp, by both electrifying the fences as well as creating mines to lay down at the entrances. After the camp is burnt down, she evacuates with the rest of them to Halai Village and the safehouse there while the hero clears out the Santa Maria Mission, the only other way for them all to get to Henderson. She appears briefly in the cutscene near the end of the main quest House of God where, along with the other camp survivors, she gets in a boat to travel to the Mission.

Once there, she again defends the camp during the main quests Change of Plans and Stalwart Defense while the mud pump is draining the entrance to the Japanese Tunnels underneath the Mission. She remains with the group while the heroes clear a path through the tunnels and protects the Pinai Ferry Station with the rest of the group during the main quest Terminal Siege until Marvin can get the Pinai Ferry across to allow them all to finally reach Henderson. From here, she protects the safehouses the group stay at during the main quest Evacuation and travels to The Fort of Henderson before finally escaping with the group via boat at the end of the game.


Zoey is a young woman with short black hair. She wears a purple patterned spaghetti strap top, a green bikini, green shorts held by a large white belt, and light brown boots. She also wears a string necklace as well as three large bracelets on her left wrist. In the Definitive Edition, her bikini is black and white, her shorts are blue, and her belt is purple.


Note: All of the possible items in Zoey's stock are not guaranteed to appear at once. She may have a different selection each time you load the game. In addition to this, she will not sell higher rarity weapons or a different variety if her Team Quest Best Merchandise for Zoey has not been completed.


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