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Zipper is a hostile survivor featured in Dead Island. He and Wolf are the two leaders of the Raskol gang in control of the Supermarket. Wolf and Zipper are fought at the end of the quest Supermarket Journey in a large warehouse room with a group of other gang members.

Zipper and Wolf lead their men to storm the Supermarket, taking the place for their own. Killing anyone in their way, they were now sitting on top of a mountain of food and supplies. This now meant that they were the richest gang in Moresby since it was overrun, as anyone wanting food or supplies would need to come to them to bargain.

Unlike their men who are armed only with semi automatic pistols, Wolf and Zipper carry Auto Rifles and have slightly more health than a normal human enemy (about 33% to 50% more health).

Level Health
1 600
9 750
16 1,080
31 1,950
40 2,400
50 2,700


Zipper is a young man with short brown hair and a clean shaven face. He wears a black t-shirt, camo pants, white socks, black boots, and a hockey mask. In the Definitive Edition, his mask is removed.


  • Unlike Afran, who also wears a mask, Zipper doesn't wear body armour so with a good quality pistol or rifle a few shots to his body will kill him anyway.
  • Like other human enemies, a single molotov will kill him instantly, as they are very weak to fire.
  • In all version except the Definitive Edition, his mask prevents headshots.