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The Zimakani Rest

Zimakani Rest is a location in Dead Island: Riptide in the Flooded jungle. It is the location of a dead zone and a survivor rescue quest. It was likely a place for travellers to rest at on a long journey, with a location for selling food and drinks as well as likely a place for travellers to rest through the night.


The Zimakani Rest is a collection of huts located on the road just before the steps leading to Halai Village. There is the dead zone Crossroads Bungalow taking up the large portion of the location. This was likely a motel type structure, as there's a raised area of containing a couple of tables and chairs. An abandoned fruit cart is near the road as you enter, heading towards Halai. Attached to the other side of the dead zone is a work area with a workbench and a few crafting supplies for you to loot. Across the road, opposite the dead zone, is a bus stop type structure which was probably used on some sort of bus route. There's also an abandoned caravan which is the main location of the survivor rescue quest Rescue Mugambe. The location is accessible via the waterways by the river which backs onto the rear of the dead zone.


  • An Infected will spawn hidden in the dark under the covered area where the workbench is located. When exploring this area, be careful to not get caught out by it.
  • A Floater will spawn at the river's edge where the workbench tunnel exits. Make sure to not get caught out by it.
  • The Diamond Edge Mod is located next to the workbench.
  • Palanai Island Guide #4 is located on a table here.
  • A car will spawn at this location, as well as a boat. This is useful for when you enter the dead zone and your car despawns when you return, so you can jump into either one of these for a quick getaway.