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Zed's Demise is a variant of the Katana and a Legendary Weapon featured in Dead Island, given out as a quest reward by Angel for completing his side Quest Banoi Butcher.


As a Katana variant, a sword and sharp weapon, the Zed's Demise has excellent damage, easily capable of decapitating Walkers and Infected in one shot, meaning it is an excellent weapon to plough through hordes of Zombies. It is also good to take on special infected like Thug or particularly Butchers, where killing the latter quickly is imperative to preventing them from inflicting heavy damage on you. Due to this, the weapon is very good as an emergency weapon when either low on heath or surrounded by zombies. The trade off for this is that the weapon has low force and a medium stamina drain, though the swing speed is relatively fast and decent weapon reach means you can usually get the first hit in. In addition, whilst the weapon's durability isn't completely flimsy, it is still very expensive to repair and maintain, and whilst it doesn't have the worst durability, it still isn't great meaning the weapon is very costly to run all the time, so having either a high cash flow income or a lot of cash saved up before use is important if you want to use this weapon for an extended period of time.


As a Katana, the Zed's Demise and accept a decent array of mods:



  • It is the last quest legendary in Dead Island.
  • It is apparently available in Dead Island: Riptide, though this is unconfirmed.
  • The opportunity to acquire Zed's Demise is lost after the main quest Devil's Labyrinth due to the canteen being overrun and being unable to backtrack to it in the first place.
  • The weapon has the second highest base damage in the game, second only to fellow legendary sword: the Eviscerator.


  • The name of the sword is a reference to the 1994 film, Pulp Fiction. In the film, the character named Zed was not killed with a katana, but his colleague was. However, shortly after the scene involving those characters, Bruce Willis utters the well-known line: "Zed's dead, baby."
  • The katana's name is also a reference to zombies in general. Zed is the Commonwealth English pronunciation of Z, which is often used when referring to zombies.
  • Oddly, the sword doesn't show the graphical degradation in less-than-100% durability (i.e. blood stains, nicks, dents).