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DI2 made mistake location

You Made a Mistake is a Journal featured in Dead Island 2. It is one of the collectables possible used to gain the achievement Bookworm. It is a letter from a woman named Sofia to her father.


It is located in the northern region of the map in a the bathroom of a pizza restaurant.



I know it was your wish for Luigi Jr to take over running the store, but you can't even begin to understand how much of an idiot my baby brother is.
He's rude to the customers, lazy, and disappears to the restroom 10 times a day to doodle on the walls.

This is what he's been going in the last week alone!

Monday - Junior vanished during the lunchtime rush for an hour! And came back with eyes redder than the devil.
(Becky said she saw him hanging out under the Pier with some shady characters.)

Tuesday - He substituted your secret marinara sauce with ketchup and a customer saw him scratching his ass with a spatula.
(When they complained, he called him a gidrul'!)

Wednesday - Disappeared again with the store key for 40 minutes and the register was down 60 bucks when I checked it at the end of the night.

Thursday - When I came to work the shutters were down. I went round the back to find Junior taking a nap next to the dumpster... on the floor (?!?)

And now he's vanished again leaving me without the keys to close the store.

Things are getting crazy. There's soldiers everywhere and I've heard gunfire.

I've shut myself in the bathroom to stay safe. All the while he's out there somewhere, getting high.
I hope he ends up in trouble or hurt.

I don't mean that, Papa. I love him, and I'm scared.

I love you, too.