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A hammer fashioned from the plane's landing gear... The only thing this will be landing is PAIN!
— In-game Description

The Wreckage Hammer is a blunt Bulldozer weapon featured in Dead Island 2.


The weapon is found in the open area at the wreck of Soaring Pacific 71 Heavy where the player fights Walkers for the first time. Compared to other improvised weapons, it has a moderate amount of damage at the cost of slow force and speed. Furthermore, it also has a higher durability compared to other improvised weapons. Due to its slow swing speed, it is possible to hit a single zombie multiple times with a single swing.


When scrapped, the Wreckage Hammer will be destroyed and give back 1 piece of Scrap and 1 piece of either Scrap, Adhesive, Fabric or Fasteners


  • Like all improvised weapons, the Wreckage Hammer can't be repaired at a workbench, only scrapped at one or in the inventory.
  • Mods and Perks cannot be applied to this weapon.
  • You can only find the Wreckage Hammer at the wreck of Soaring Pacific 71 Heavy during the main quest Flight of the Damned. It does not appear anywhere else in the game and can't be collected outside of this one quest. Additionally, the weapon only spawns at level 1, even if cheats are used to begin the game at level 30.
  • The Wreckage Hammer loses durability at an increased rate. Every hit drains 0.75 durability, as compared to the usual 0.6 durability loss per hit.