One of many workbenches you'll find on your journey.

Work benches are scattered all around the Banoi Island but are mostly found in Safe Houses. They're primarily used to either upgrade weapons, mod them, or repair them.


Creating weapons costs cash and have a required level to be wielded. Different items are needed to create weapons. These items can be bought from merchants or found in containers scattered around the maps. They can also be found on dead bodies. Weapons you can create include:


All Weapons in Dead Island  and Dead Island: Riptide  will degrade from use, except for thrown weapons and Firearms. Using melee weapons in combat  results in a loss to its condition. This will continue until the weapon's state is reduced to 'zero'. However, this does not mean the weapon is permanently lost and it can be repaired to 100% without a penalty to its base attributes, contrary to the popular belief that the weapon loses a percentage of its attributes permanently when severly damaged. The player will need to keep a keen eye on maintaining the Heroes' inventory, lest they be left without a weapon when more zombies close in. Minor weapons like wooden planks or paddles cannot be repaired. Once the player scavenge better weapons, it is a necessity to maintain the weapon.



The players can upgrade their weapons at a workbench up to three times, increasing various (though not all) stats of the weapon. They can increase the modified weapon damage and other stats, and convert an ordinary item into a unique offensive weapon using the weapon mods available.

It should be noted that the better the base attribute is, the greater amount that attribute will increase x 100.

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