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I can't believe that crazy bitch sent someone to find me.
— William Powell

William "Will" Powell is a survivor featured in Dead Island.


He is a concierge at Royal Palms Resort, and the husband of Kelly. He is the primary focus of the side-quest Family Matters given by Kelly, in which the Hero must locate him. The player finds him in a Diamond bungalow on the beach along with multiple intoxicated men and women. When the Hero talks to him, he explains he does not want to see his wife, and allows the Hero to take anything from the bungalow. He then tells the Hero to inform his wife that he is dead, claiming it's for the best.


William is a middle aged man with balding black hair and a clean shaven face. Like most male survivors in the Resort, William wears a pair of swimming trunks with no shirts or shoes. The trunks are black and white. He also wears sunglasses, despite being indoors, as well as a bead necklace, and an orange and green wrist band on his right wrist.


  • He clearly doesn't care about his wife, calling her a crazy bitch and expressing a great desire to not be with her.
  • He's also an adulterer, as when you find him in the bungalow, he is sitting up on the bed with a woman next to her.
  • He possibly could have been sleeping with other women before the outbreak as well, since he clearly hasn't resisted it after it.
  • Kelly and Max both believe William is hiding out with his friend, Doyle. While Doyle isn't seen, he may be one of the other intoxicated men in the bungalow.
  • William's height is 6'1", as stated by Max.