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Will is a survivor featured in Dead Island. Not much is known about him, but he seems to be in charge of maintenance in the Laboratory.

Will is first encountered during the main quest River Trip, where he will talk to the Heroes via the lab intercom, explaining that they'll need to kill the zombies before he can unlock the door.

After saving Dr. Robert West and clearing the rest of the lab, he gives the side quest Power Slaves, to clear out the generator building at the end of the lab complex and restore power to the lab. He keeps in contact from his room via the intercom system outside the lab, talking to the heroes to let them know what's up ahead, or unlocking doors for them when they appear on his camera feed.

Will then remains in his room at the door of the lab for the rest of the game. However, he and the other scientists are killed during the events of the main quest No Time to Talk when the lab is overrun.


Will is a middle aged man with red hair and a full beard. He wears a blue GeoPharm jumpsuit with the GeoPharm logo placed on the chest, a white undershirt, a white belt, and white shoes.


  • The room Will is in always gives out a box of shotgun ammo, so Will is easy to remember as the 'shotgun ammo guy'.
  • The back room also has a safe which gives out a lot of cash, as well as a workbench for repairing weapons, so Will is one of the scientists you'll see the most of because of this.