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Where Are They Now? is a Journal featured in Dead Island 2. It is one of the collectables possible used to gain the achievement Bookworm. It is a section of a sports section article from a news website.


Inside the security booth on Stardom Way at Monarch Studios. After exiting from Sound Stage 7 and going to the end of Action Alley, head right and there's a small security booth on the left hand side of the road. The collectible is on a shelf inside the booth.


[A partially loaded gossip article from the Sports section of the LA 24 News website. The pictures have failed to load due to an interrupted connection, but the text remains.]

Now how's this for a throw-back? Remember Logan Carter? In the mid-2000s he was the talk of the football world. After a nail-biter in the 2004 play-offs, the young quarterback looked set to load the Texans to an unstoppable championship run. That is of course until his career, and the hopes of Texan fans, ended in a drunken car wreck that saw him shatter his leg in six places and tragically kill his young, female passenger.

Well, if you can remember him, you might not recognise him now! After seemingly falling off the face of the earth, he has been spotted at a gas station in Montana. That's right, he's back behind a wheel! Hell, we weren't even sure if it was him at first, but those tattoos are a dead give-away. If you don't want to be recognized, Mr. Carter, we would advise trying out some concealer. Or longer sleeves.

We know it's not the big leagues, but who would have thought playing in Canada would take such a visible toll on a man? What crimes against football has he seen up there? Carter was voted the Sexiest Texan back in 2004, but with his new beard and complete style-ectomy, we don't think Texan fans will be racing back to the polls for him ever again. But look on the bright side, Logan. That is one cute doggie you've got in that truck window.


  • This Journal confirms that Logan Carter is still alive after the events of Palanai in 2006 as depicted in Dead Island: Riptide and has subsequently returned to the United States to live a quiet life.