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DIRR weed whacker scene 1

The weed whacker held in a cutscene before the second blade is added

The Weed Whacker is a super weapon featured in Dead Island: Retro Revenge. It is 1 of 3 super weapons and the only one available at the start of the game. The weed whacker will destroy everything a short distance in front of the player. To use the weed whacker, the player has to gather super weapon charge by killing glowing enemies. You start of with 25% charge and gain an additional 25% charge every time you kill all glowing enemies in a row. At 100% charge, the weed whacker can be used for 22 seconds.

While the weed whacker is out, the player becomes invulnerable and gains a speed boost of about 40%. Any enemy in front of Max will be destroyed by the spinning blades, including Barriers. Bodies will be immediately minced into pieces by the powerful blades, without rewarding Points for gibbing the corpses. Additionally, the Score Multiplier will be doubled.


The weed whacker consists of a green power compartment with battery and handle and a green motor compartment, connected by a metal rod with an additional handle attached in the middle of the rod. The motor powers 2 sawblades, both rotating in different directions. Some blood is also splattered on the weed whacker.


  • Although the weed whacker kills at meele range, suiciders will not damage the player due to the invulnerability given while it is equiped.
  • The weed whacker only kills in a limited space in front of Max. A good strategy is therefore to quickly switch lanes to get many kills in all lanes.