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You're going out there? Are you nuts?
— Wayne

Wayne is a survivor featured in Dead Island.


He is first seen after the Hero awakens in the Beach House. He's initially standing by the door, trying to convince Jeannine that John Sinamoi can't be saved. However, the Hero approaches the door, and Wayne asks if they plan on going outside. Once the Hero has a weapon, Wayne opens the door. Once the group moves to the Lifeguard Tower, Wayne becomes a merchant, and the Hero can purchase weapons and parts off of him.


Wayne is a middle aged man with black hair and a clean shaven face. Like most male survivors in the Resort, Wayne wears a pair of swimming trunks with no shoes or shirt. The trunks are white with a tropical pattern on them. He also wears a braided necklace, a green and orange wrist band on his left wrist, a blue baseball cap, and bandages on his upper left arm.


Note: All of the possible items in Wayne's stock are not guaranteed to appear at once. He will have a different selection each time you load the game.





  • "I heard this scourge came from outer space. Came down on a goddamn meteor."


  • When the Hero comes into the room where Wayne is in, Wayne will say: "I heard this scourge came from outer space". Then when leaving the room Wayne will say "Came down on a goddamn meteor". This could be a reference to Ed Wood's 1957 science fiction-horror film Plan 9 from Outer Space, where recent sightings of flying saucers over a Californian city are associated with the sudden rising of the dead.
  • Similarly, the "outer space" idea may also refer to the George Romero's 1967 horror film Night Of the Living Dead, where a probe returning from Venus is purposely destroyed by NASA (presumably in our upper atmosphere) before it could land back on Earth. The probe had contained a mysteriously high level of radiation and during a TV news broadcast reporters question military and scientific experts if this was responsible for triggering the "mutations" and "wholesale murders" on Earth.
  • It could also be a reference (or a double reference) to the 2009 video game series Call of Duty and it's Nazi Zombies game mode, where the zombies were made from an element from meteors, named Element 115.
  • Wayne and Jeannine don't get along and can be seen arguing after the heroes save John Sinamoi.