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Way of Salvation is a medium difficulty main quest given to the Hero by Joseph in Dead Island.


The Hero must escort Joseph through the streets of Moresby to the Wastewater Plant to enter the Sewers.


  • Talk to Joseph to start the quest. He is located just outside the main Church door.
  • With Mother Helen's blessing, he will come with you to show you the entrance to the Moresby Sewers so you can go see if there's help on the other side of the broken bridge.
  • Joseph will set his own pace, it's up to you to match it and escort him to the Sewer entrance. However, he will pause to let you catch up if you fall too far behind, but bear in mind he can get attacked during that time.
  • Follow him down the steps to where the armoured truck is and follow him to the end of the road.
  • Instead of following it right, he will head to the left and head into a passage through one of the buildings. There are several Walkers here, so deal with them as soon as you can.
  • Once you come out the other side, there are several more of them, including one lying in wait to grab you. Lead with a kick and kill them all, including any more that Joseph attracts, as he WILL keep on running.
  • Follow him down and alleyway and you'll soon find yourself outside the Warehouse, AKA Simon's Hub. Now is a good time to unlock it if you haven't already.
  • Joseph will stop and red skulls will appear on the map as enemies you have to kill to progress. Kill them all and head back to Joseph.
  • He'll keep moving down the stops and onto the road, following it down to the Market District, past a merchant, who you can check with to see if anything takes your interest.
  • He'll take a right and head through the market square. There's a workbench here if you need it.
  • From here, he starts heading into a high density area with many (over ten) Walkers lurking in them. There's also another merchant if you want to check his wares.
  • Luckily, he doesn't stop to fight them, but you might have to as they will swarm at the two of you and one may grab either Joseph or you. If that happens, get them off as soon as possible and keep moving.
  • DO NOT try and fight them all, as there are too many for you to take out in a reasonable time and Joseph will keep moving regardless, attracting more and more. Keep them back and kill any that get too close, but don't stand and fight.
  • Joseph will head through a flooded drainage pipe to come out the other side. your destination is just on the other side, through the gate and into the walled off compound area of the Wastewater Plant.
  • There's a Suicider lurking here, so try and detonate it early to save it possibly hitting Joseph.
  • Kill the Walkers around as well as any Infected that may have been drawn by the noise.
  • There's a few Walkers in the compound area itself, so kill them as well before following Joseph to the Sewer entrance.
  • Talk to him to receive your reward. If you enter before collecting it, you will not be able to collect it in the Sewers.


  • If playing solo, it's best to run ahead of Joseph to clear the way of zombies to reduce the risk of him dying.
  • If you haven't already, this quest is a good time to unlock Simon's Hub/Warehouse) as you pass close by to it.
  • There's also two random merchants that you can check for goods from or sell things to.
  • This is the last time for a while that you will be able to buy/sell things, as there's no merchants in the Sewers and there's also no merchant in the Town Hall before it is overrun, so clear you inventory now while you have the chance.
  • Get your reward from Joseph before entering the sewers; after that point, he won't pay you. Actually grab it as soon as it's offered. On Patch 1.3 there is a small window of time (roughly 1 second) before he stopped offering it and moves on to offering the next section of the quest. This quest ends in the forested area in the middle of Moresby (the sewage treatment plant) and there will be Walkers around when you get there so stick close to Joseph if you want the cash.


  • Joseph's route changed in Patch 1.3. He heads south, jags east to go around the Quarantine zone, passes west of the Warehouse/Simon's Hub, and then jags west through the center of the market. He will stop at the vendor south of the Warehouse to pontificate about greed (good chance to buy/sell, especially in single player, stay a little away from him and he'll wait so you can do other things like unlock Simon's Hub if you haven't or place a poster as part of a side quest). After passing through the open market he turns west and crosses through the river just north of the bridge/road. He enters the waste treatment grounds on the northeast corner and heads to the southwest (the sewer entrance). Earlier versions of the game had him following a different path.

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