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The Kiosk

The Water Sports Rental Kiosk is a location in Dead Island found in the Resort area. Outside the Kiosk the Hero first discovers Haris, a survivor who is under attack by Walkers which have surrounded him within a truck. After rescuing Harris he states that he is going to search the kiosk for supplies and tells the Hero that they are welcome to take whatever they want as thanks. Haris decides to stay at the kiosk, claiming that he will have a short rest and then leave to find his wife. When the Hero returns, Haris will have already left.


Like most beachfront buildings, it is a wood and thatch bungalow on wooden stilts to avoid flooding when the tide comes in. The outside is typical of all beachfront bungalows, with a wooden walkway all around, a double door front entrance and multiple stairs to reach the doors. There's a side entrance to the rear workbench of the shop. The area in front of it has the broken vehicle that Haris was trapped in, as well as a variety of beach equipment and corpses.

Inside it has a large open area for displaying its main wares, surfboards. There's a large rack full of them on the back wall, with life jackets on a different metal table. On the left of the door is the till, which has a cash register as well as a computer if you need electrical mod items. There's a small back room which is the workshop area. There's a workbench to the right and an exit door to the left. There's a couple of mod items which respawn here, so grab them when you come past.


  • Just outside the kiosk by the right of the entrance are a few energy drinks.
  • There's a diving knife stuck into a notice board, just next to the door on the inside if you need a quick weapon.
  • There's two bottles of water in the main area, grab them as they'll be useful for a later continuous quest Nectar of Life.
  • In the back area with the workbench, you'll find two Duct Tape and a Wire, very useful mod items that are used in a lot of weapon mods, so you'll need a lot of them. Take them every time you come through as you'll constantly be in need of them for weapon modding.
  • There's also a weapon mod in here, next to the workbench, so make sure to take it before you leave.
  • There's also the Banoi Herald Excerpt 2 in here, so take that as well.
  • There's a metal chest hidden behind the kiosk, so check it out for a weapon.