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For the location of the same name in Escape Dead Island, see Warehouse (Escape Dead Island).

The Warehouse, known in-game as Simon's Hub, is a Safe House located at the Market District in Moresby. The leader of the warehouse is Simon Buchanan. The quest Simon Says... begins when you approach the area. After clearing out a small horde of undead attacking the area, it becomes a regular safe house. A merchant isn't initially available, but after completing Spicy Drinks, Florencio Morales becomes a trader.

You can discover this safehouse during the side quest Last Chance on the wall given by Howard Craigson in the Church, as the first wall needed to be signed on with posters is right in front of the Warehouse. Failing that, you walk right past it with Joseph while completing Way of Salvation.


The Warehouse is a large metal box with a sloped roof. There's a small door to enter, as well as a garage door to allow vehicles to enter. There's a fenced off area around the front and side of the Warehouse which has a wrecked car in it, as well as a small inaccessible shed.

The interior of the Warehouse is pretty basic, with some metal shelves, a broken car, some toolboxes and metal tables. There's a fast travel map next to the door, as well as a metal chest on a table. A workbench sits at the back of the Warehouse, next to the entrance to the rear office. The office itself has been cleared of any equipment and some mattresses put in place for a basic sleeping area for the survivors.

Associated Quests[]


  • You can make a bit of easy money by selling the weapons in the Warehouse back to Florencio. Grab the two hammers on the toolbox and the baseball bat from the back of the car and sell them to him for instant profit.