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The Voltaic Screamer is an Apex zombie in Dead Island 2 and a variant of the Screamer.


Voltaic Screamers are encountered more infrequently than normal Screamers. They can be identified by their hospital gowns and missing lower jaws. Unlike a normal Screamer, the scream of a Voltaic Screamer creates a field of electricity, shocking everything caught within its scream. This is possibly the result of women undergoing electro shock therapy before they turned into Voltaic Screamers. The shock damage added to the slowing effect of the scream can cause massive damage to players. Furthermore, the electricity from the scream can arc between zombies and damage players even if they are outside of the scream's area of effect. Despite this, Voltaic Screamers can be killed in the same manner as normal Screamers.

Voltaic Screams can be interrupted by hitting a Voltaic Screamer with any projectile such as firearms or Curveballs as well as striking them with melee weapons or weapon throws. Ability Skills such as War Cry or Dash Strike can also be used to interrupt the scream. If the player is caught within the scream, they can use the Block skill to reduce the slowing effect. Additionally, the Dodge skill can be used to either quickly move towards a Screamer while slowed or to get outside of their scream area. Should a player get close enough to a Voltaic Screamer, they will swipe and attempt to grab them. Voltaic Screamers are vulnerable to blunt damage but are immune to Shock Damage. They are exposed while screaming and any attacks done to them during the scream will drain more stability.


Notable Voltaic Screamers[]




Name Criteria Description
First Blood Kill 1 Voltaic Screamer The lungs of Voltaic Screamers have reached hyper-capacitance! Their sonic maelstrom delivers a helluva SHOCK!
Under The Skin Kill 5 Voltaic Screamers Voltaic Screamers are immune to SHOCK damage. They are weak to BLUNT damage.
Sliced To The Bone Kill 15 Voltaic Screamers A voltaic scream will arc between other zombies, making them temporarily able to SHOCK you.
Deep In The Guts Kill 30 Voltaic Screamers Decapitate a Voltaic Screamer ad you're sure to get an Electrified Brain out of it. Worst. Pinata. Ever.

Combat Challenge[]

Name Challenge Description Reward
Shut Up
Shut Up 1 Interrupt 5 Screamers while they are screaming
Shut Up 2 Interrupt 15 Screamers while they are screaming
Shut Up 3 Interrupt 25 Screamers while they are screaming

Zombie Challenge[]

Name Challenge Description Reward
Shockingly Loud
Shockingly Loud 1 Kill 10 Voltaic Screamers
Shockingly Loud 2 Kill 25 Voltaic Screamers
Shockingly Loud 3 Kill 50 Voltaic Screamers


  • The Voltaic Scream is a skill that allows players to perform a scream similar to a Voltaic Screamer while in Fury Mode.
  • Electrified Brains can be dropped from killed Voltaic Screamers if they are decapitated.