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Visit to the Pub is an easy difficulty side-quest given to the Hero by Dwight Turner in Dead Island.


The Hero must go to the pub and retrieve a set of keys off of the undead mechanic, Bob.


  • Talk to Dwight to start the quest.
  • He explains that the warehouse in the Overpass Camp is locked. If it could be unlocked, the survivors could no doubt use what's inside. However, the keys are on a large mechanic named Bob, who Dwight saw roaming around at the nearby pub as a zombie. He asks you to kill Bob and get the keys off him.
  • The stairs to the pub are broken off, requiring you to stack some crates or car onto each other to reach a ladder at the side of the pub.
  • The crates you need are on the roof of the warehouse, so use the buildings in the Overpass Camp to jump onto the roof and throw down the boxes behind the warehouse, up against the pub.
  • There's a broken ladder and some blue glowing outlines behind the warehouse. This is where you need to stack the crates.
  • Once the crates are stacked, jump up them and use the ladder to reach the pub decking.
  • Move around to the front of the pub, where the main double doors are located. Bob is inside with some Walkers.
  • Use a molotov or other throwable to deal with the Walkers inside. Open the door, throw a molotov then close the door. The zombies can't open the door and the molotov will kill the Walkers from fire damage, as well as injure Bob, who is a Thug.
  • Despite Bob being named, he's no more difficult to kill than a regular Thug, so watch your space and just use whatever tactics you want to kill him.
  • Loot the rest of the pub, being careful of the Walker playing dead on the floor, then loot Bob to get the keys.
  • Return to Dwight to hand over the keys and get your reward.


  • When you return to the Overpass Camp, the warehouse will be unlocked and Dwight will be inside as a merchant.
  • There's two metal chests inside the warehouse.
  • After completing this quest, all the zombies, other than Bob, will respawn in the pub. However, since the pub only contains some food, it's not worth farming or returning to.


In order to complete this side quest, the player is required to locate two crates and stack them over other two that are already fixed in place in order to make an impromptu stair and with it reach the pub; however, if the top crate is placed first, the other one will become unable to be picked up anymore and the quest won't be able to be completed (as there are no other ways to climb up to the pub). Exiting the game and continuing will reset the side quest and allow the player to place the bottom crate first.