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Victory Hill

Victory Hill in the rain

Victory Hill is a location featured in Dead Island. It is a neighbourhood in the city of Moresby. Victory Hill sits on, as you could guess, a hill at the north-east of the Moresby slums, leading from the Church to the Shanty Town and giving access to the Warehouse/Simon's Hub and Langar Road.


Victory Hill is a collection of houses near the top right hand corner of Moresby, not too far from Simon's Hub in the Warehouse. The houses are all inaccessible, although some of them have some fenced off areas as pseudo-gardens. There are a few places in the area that you can get onto the catwalks erected by residents and survivors of the area, both pre and post outbreak. There is not much loot around, but there are some Walkers and Infected in the area, so watch out.

During Ryder White's Campaign, Ryder White passes through Victory Hill on his way to the Police Station, tracking down a raskol gang who has stolen explosives from B.I.D.F Unit 4. A building here has been converted by the B.I.D.F to act as a fortification. There's a mounted machine gun here, complete with sand bags, barbed wire and crates of weapons. A survivor, Tyler Nobbs, is found here, sitting against a wall, suspicious of Ryder as he makes his way through Moresby since he's witnessed Ryder and other soldiers shooting zombies, who Tyler thinks are just civilians since he does not know they are zombies.


  • Alicia Jacobs in trapped in her house just off the road up leading from the Church. Nearing her starts the quest Uninvited Guests.
  • A pharmacy is located at the top of the hill at the T-junction. This is needed for the side quests One Last Breath and One Foot in the Grave.
    • By jumping on a box van and climbing the ladder accessible from it gives you access to a level 3 locked metal chest, which can easily give out a good weapon.
  • ID Card #43 is located just in front of Alicia's house.
  • ID Card #44 is located at the turn leading to the road out of Moresby, which is a portal to fast travel you to the City Tunnel in the Resort.
  • The Sticky Bomb Mod can be found here during Ryder White's Campaign, one of the few mods featured in it, on a table in the fortification.
  • Also during Ryder White's Campaign, a lot of good loot can found in the fortification.
    • Several boxes of ammo can be found in some crates, mostly pistol ammo.
    • A workbench is found here, along with the Sticky Bomb Mod as mentioned previously.
    • A revolver can be looted from the ground opposite Tyler Nobbs, who is one of three friendly NPCs featured in the Moresby section of the DLC.
    • The mounted machine gun out the front of the fortification, overlooking the road, can be used to kill most of the zombies out there.
    • Two grenades are found nearby to it.
    • A lot of mod components are scattered around the fortification, notably over 5 boxes of bleach.