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The Vicious Butcher is an Apex zombie featured in Dead Island 2, and is a variant of the Butcher. The first Vicious Butcher is encountered in The Metro during the main quest The End of the Line. Afterwards, Vicious Butchers have a chance of spawning at Butcher hot spots across Los Angeles.


Vicious Butchers are much more aggressive and dangerous than their normal counterparts. Like a regular Butcher, Vicious Butchers will rush the player once they become alerted. Aside from their razor sharp blade arms, Vicious Butchers have sharp objects embedded in their flesh, much like Spiky Walkers and Spiky Runners. While engaging the Vicious Butcher, making contact will inflict bleed damage, also regenerating the Vicious Butcher's health slightly. Instead of feeding on corpses like normal Butchers, Vicious Butchers will chew on their own flesh to regenerate, staying within range of the Slayers and feeding more quickly. They are also more durable than regular Butchers, being resistant to blunt and fire damage and immune to bleed damage. Any attacks on a Vicious Butcher will also make them become aggressive, resulting in their attacks will inflict more damage.

Despite the higher threat they pose, Vicious Butchers can be killed in the same manner as normal Butchers. Ranged weapons such as firearms are the most effective against them. While they are immune to any damage taken while they have their blade arms raised, their legs are vulnerable to attack. Vicious Butchers are also vulnerable to attack when they flee or when they are feeding. A Vicious Butcher will not be exposed to attack if a perfect Dodge or Block is performed.


Vicious Butchers sport a green mohawk on their head and are covered in razor wire and blades in addition to bony spikes protruding throughout their limbs. They are dressed like punks, with the remains of a black spiky vest with a yellow collar, black shorts, and black sneakers with white toe caps. There are some writing on the vest, both in the front and back.

Notable Vicious Butchers[]



Name Criteria Description
First Blood Kill 1 Vicious Butcher The Vicious Butcher is hyper-aggressive and can cause BLEED damage with the sharp debris embedded in its body.
Under The Skin Kill 5 Vicious Butchers The Vicious Butcher is resistant to BLUNT and FIRE damage and immune to BLEED damage. It can get AGGRESSIVE after suffering attacks.
Sliced To The Bone Kill 15 Vicious Butchers The Vicious Butcher will nourish itself on the chunks of your flesh that its spiky body rips away, REGENERATING its own body.
Deep In The Guts Kill 30 Vicious Butchers DODGE, then strike a Butcher when its blades are stuck in the ground to smack it with some seriously increased STABILITY damage.

Combat Challenge[]

Name Challenge Description Reward
Dinnertime's Over
Dinnertime's Over 1 Interrupt 5 Butchers while they try to feed
Dinnertime's Over 2 Interrupt 15 Butchers while they try to feed
Dinnertime's Over 3 Interrupt 25 Butchers while they try to feed