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For the world item of the same name in Dead Island 2, see Vending Machine (Dead Island 2).
Vending machine

A lit up machine

The Vending Machine is a miscellaneous world item located across Banoi and Palanai in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. It is an interactable container the same as a duffle bag, wicker basket or cash register. However, unlike the aforementioned other containers, the vending machine can be interacted with, or looted, as long as you have cash on you. The machine will dispense an energy drink for every 5 dollars you pay to the machine, useful for when you're low on health, have no medkits and there's no immediate other healing items nearby.


The vending machine appears as a typical upright large box vending machine, as seen across the world in nearly every shop. It has a lit up front which shows some text and image to catch the attention of passers by. On the right side of the machine (as looking at it) there is a panel which has an information sticker on it, the cash slot and 9 different buttons to dispense cans from. Near the bottom of the machine in the middle is a gap for the drink to be dispensed out of. The sides and rear of the machine has ventilation and other assorted mechanical notes which would regulate the temperature of the machine to make sure it doesn't over freeze the cans or overheat the machine.


The vending machine is not used in any quests and as such can easily be ignored unless needed. They are unique in that they can be looted from as many times as you want, so long as you have the cash. The on screen prompt that comes up is a bundle of cash, the same as the icon for a merchant, so you know when you can interact with a machine. It tells you the price up front of 5 dollars and you can then choose to pay or not. The machine will dispense one can of energy drink that the hero will then drink immediately. Their main purpose is as a way to heal without using a medkit or for emergencies when there aren't any healing items about. However, you can easily rack up stacks of medkits while playing, especially from drops in Moresby and there's always a lot of healing food around so vending machines are rarely in need.

They can also appear being used as part of barricades, blocking off doors or corridors. When they appear like this, they can't be interacted with so they won't dispense a drink if the use button is pressed. They can appear either lit up or not when they are used as barricades and can also appear damaged, with the front smashed in.


Dead Island[]

  • There's a vending machine in the office with Max and Kelly at the Lifeguard Tower.
  • Numerous can be found across the interior of the Royal Palms Resort.
  • One can be found at each gas station, inside the shops/tills area of the station. Two are found in the Lighthouse Gas Station, three if you count the broken one on the floor.
  • One is found in the Police Station in Moresby, in the main reception area after the cells and armoury.
  • There's a vending machine in the open shop at the cross section of Langar Road where the market is.
  • Inside the electronics shop you go to for Carl's side quest Radio Ga Ga, a vending machine is in the corner next to the counter.
    • This is especially useful during Ryder White's Campaign as you're bombarded by a lot of Infected during it and having access to a vending machine for unlimited healing items is a godsend, but you do still need to break down the door.
  • Close by to this area, where the tables are set up, there's another vending machine up against the metal shack, not 50 meters away from the electrical store.
  • One can be found in the laboratory warehouse at the bottom of the hill, just behind the cells.
  • There's a working vending machine in Cell Block B of the prison, blocking the door.

Dead Island: Riptide[]

  • Two are found in the ferry station terminal at the Pinai Ferry Station, one energy drink and one with the alternate coffee machine skin.


  • Unlike energy drinks, which have the brand name of 'energizer drink', the vending machines seem to have the name 'jump drink' on them instead.
  • There's a different type of vending machine found in the Definitive Edition which is far rarer than the normal machine. It is coffee machine which has the branding 'Don Valdini's flavored coffee drink'. However, when used, it dispenses the normal energy drinks, meaning it is just a reskin.
  • There's three different colours of buttons on the machine itself which usually mean different drink brands or flavours of drinks, however it will always just dispense the normal energy drink.
  • The vending machine has no limit to the amount of drinks it can dispense, so it will keep dispensing drinks so long as you have at least $5 on your person.


  • One of the pieces of artwork for the original game featured a Coca-Cola vending machine. But apparently, the developers hadn't negotiated for the rights.