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There are several vehicle types featured in Dead Island, Dead Island: Riptide and Escape Dead Island. Most of them can be used by the Heroes when needed and are listed immediately below.

Furthermore, there are many other different vehicles which serve as both decorative and useful parts of the game world, be it obstacles, loot locations, plot significance or quest destinations/locations. There are listed below the usable vehicles and cover a broader range, since many of these the heroes would not know how they work.



A blue truck at the Resort


A truck is a light motor vehicle with an open-top rear cargo area (bed). (See the Pickup truck Wikipedia article for more information.) Trucks can be found all around the island. A red truck spawns at the Lifeguard Tower once the quest Lazarus Rising is completed.

Plates read "D34D 1574ND" which is leet-speak for "DEAD ISLAND".

Though it's most common in the Resort area, a white truck can spawn on a bridge in the city of Moresby. However, this truck can not be driven for more than a quarter mile.


2011-09-17 00001

The plate reads "DEAD ISLAND"

  • 4 seat capacity: 1 driver, 1 passenger, 2 passengers in the back
  • Moderately vulnerable
  • Fast
  • Good for transporting goods, up to four items can be placed in the bed.


Armored Truck[]

275px-Bank of Banoi truck

Bank of Banoi armored truck


This huge armored truck was used for carrying cash by the Bank of Banoi. This truck is obtained during the main quest Born to Be Wild by taking it from the Royal Palms Resort garage. It is exclusive to the Resort area, though two trucks do make an appearance in the city.

After the Hero drives back to the Lifeguard Tower, it becomes temporarily unusable. The player eventually has to drive the truck again in the main quest Misery Wagon and take it to Earl at the Old Marina Workshop so that it can be reinforced. The Hero then drives to Moresby where it becomes unusable but it seen as a display in the Church's parking lot. Eventually, the Hero has to drive back to the Lifeguard Tower and bring food to John Sinamoi and other survivors. After the Hero first enters the Jungle, the truck is unavailable for the rest of the game; however, there have been reports of it still appearing.

It seems that with the Bloodbath Arena DLC, the van is available in front of the tunnel to be used in the area of the resort after all their missions (need confirmation)


  • Slow compared to other vehicles
  • Can take massive amount of damage
  • 6 seats
  • Unbreakable windshields


  • In the Hotel during Born to Be Wild.
  • At the Lifeguard Tower during Misery Wagon.
  • Can be found in front of the Jungle Tunnel, but it is not drivable.




A light pickup truck is a vehicle that is found in Moresby. One can tell it is different than the truck found in the resort because it is a different car model. The pickup is extremely rare and hard to find unless one knows where to look. It is also not so good to use due to the all the streets being blocked or crowded in Moresby.

It is exclusive to Moresby.


  • 1 driver, 1 passenger seat, 3 spaces in the back
  • Weak
  • Good for transporting goods
  • Medium speed



Driveable Car

A jeep near the entrance to the Laboratory


The Jeep is found in the Jungle and Laboratory areas. It is mainly used to get around quickly in the Jungle area. The Jeep is probably the fastest vehicle in the whole game - but also the most vulnerable to firearms due to the absence of a roof.

It is exclusive to the Jungle and Laboratory areas.

It also reappears in Dead Island: Riptide as the main mode of road transportation in the Flooded jungle area.


  • 1 driver, 4 passengers
  • Off-road ability
  • Good for transporting goods and passengers
  • Resistant to zombies (but not to Jungle Muggers' fire)
  • Potentially fast

Locations (Dead Island)[]

  • The entrance of the Jungle.
  • One at the east gate of the River Village.
  • Near the crashed bus in the Jungle, where you can find the Cold Stone side quest.
  • Three can be found at the Overpass Camp.
  • In front of Mowen's Boat at the Laboratory.
  • In front of the Laboratory's entrance.

Locations (Dead Island: Riptide)[]


Side view of the boat in the Definitive Edition

The Boat


The motorboat is the only new vehicle introduced in Dead Island: Riptide but it's a very useful one. Because half the jungle is flooded (hence the name Flooded jungle), only part of it is accessible by car. If you want to quickly traverse the waterways, hop in a boat and chug along. If you're with some friends who have guns, you can turn it into a little river PT boat! However, Drowners can latch onto the boat and if not cleared, they can pull you off into the water.


  • 1 driver, 3 passengers
  • Only water transport in the game
  • Good for transporting goods and passengers through the waterways
  • Has a speed boost for killing zombies.
  • Potentially fast with the boost, otherwise medium speed.


  • After the main quest New Beginnings has been completed, a boat will be moored against the destroyed bridge leading to the car at Paradise Survival Camp.
  • In the same strand, A red one will be available at Marik's Marina for use.
  • Another one is then opposite it on the dock of Jimmy's Workshop.
  • One can be found near the entrance to Dr. Kessler's Biosphere, at the end of the path next to the statue on the map.
  • One will spawn at the Santa Maria Mission when the gang moves there as the plot progresses.
  • Another can be found at the Helicopter Wreck.
  • Mataka Village.
  • A short distance from that there is one at the Zimakani Rest, up against the Crossroads Bungalow Dead Zone.

Undrivable vehicles[]

There are a number of undrivable vehicles scattered across Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. They are found mostly on the roads where they were either crashed or abandoned. They sometimes have things to loot in them, such as duffle bags or metal chests, however they usually just serve as a world piece, an obstacle for vehicles or people on foot. They can also be used as a raised platform for getting away from zombies if needed. This is only a temporary solution, however, as often zombies will be able to hit you, even on the roof of a car.


An undrivable version of the truck used to drive around the Resort can be found across the Resort area, as well as the Laboratory. It comes in multiple colours and liveries, showing its versatility. The main versions which are usually found consist of a single colour regular truck which has nothing in the flatbed, a regular truck which has some carry racks for propane tanks, a yellow marked lifeguard truck which usually has medical supplies with lights and finally a white and red ambulance truck, which also contains medical supplies. In the Definitive Edition, the lifeguard tuck is no longer yellow, rather grey with 'life guard' written on the back of the truck in red. The ambulance and lifeguard trucks usually have at some bandages in them, making them worth a look. These trucks are found in varying states of destruction, usually with all their windows smashed and axles broken.

Hatchback (SUV in the original game)[]

These are small, four door hatchback style cars which are also found in a variety of colours. They can be found in at least yellow, black and red and are common throughout the Resort and Moresby. They are usually found with their windows smashed and doors open, though how many doors are open and whether the boot is also open varies from vehicle to vehicle. They may also be a part of a pile-up, so their bonnet can also be found smashed open, exposing the engine. They usually contain little loot unless there's a duffle bag in an open boot. It's worth noting that there's a police version of the hatchback, which is blue with white doors, and it's usually in surprisingly good condition, often intact with unbroken windows and undamaged bodywork. A taxi variant can also be found in the Resort in an undamaged state, notably at the City Tunnel Gas Station. One unique variant of the hatchback/SUV is found in Moresby in Quarantine, featuring the logo of the Australian Biological Institute on it. Only a few instances of this vehicle are found, all in very broken condition.

In the original game, the hatchbacks are actually larger SUVs. They serve the same purpose, and are similarly found in a variety of colours, including white and yellow. As with the hatchbacks, they are usually broken with smashed windows and damaged bodywork, including doors and boots which can be found open. They can be found as part of a pile up, where the bonnet will usually be open, exposing the engine. As with most enclosed vehicles, there is usually little of note to loot from them, unless the boot of the vehicle is open, in which case it is possible for there to be a duffle bag to loot or, rarely, a metal chest.


These are larger four door vehicles found across the Resort and, to a lesser extent, Moresby. They have a longer wheelbase than the hatchback and a distinctive boot and bonnet look, though come in less interesting colours like black or grey. Like the hatchback, they are also found with all doors smashed and some of them open, as well as in pile-ups where the bonnet will often be open. However, they are far more often found with the boot open as well, containing something to loot, even if it is only a duffle bag. As such, they are far more worthwhile to check if you're going past one.

Tourist coach[]

These are found across the Resort, ferrying the holidaymakers too and from the Resort, docks or airport. They are large passenger coaches with plenty of seating and space in the body for bags. They can be found across the Resort, cutting off whole roads from their sheer size. They are normally the source of a pile-up, as their large size and weight can easily destroy a vehicle if it crashes into it. In the original game, the coaches are almost exclusively red, with no livery, however at the Hotel, a single blue one and a white one can be found. In the Definitive Edition, they are found with various livery on them, showing their serving locations or what company they're for. While you can't enter the coaches, they are often found with a pile of abandoned luggage which can be a good source of cash or mod items. This makes them one of the most worthwhile vehicles to search in the Resort area.


The SUV is a vehicle found in Moresby, and it's a large vehicle which has a lot of boot space. While it has four seats, around a third of the overall space at the rear is taken up by a large boot, with plenty of space for carrying large or many items. As with most cars in Moresby, the bodywork is shabby, often missing paint or rusted, showing the poverty that the slums of Moresby deals with. They also come in a variety of colours, ranging from a dark yellow to a lighter green or blue. Also common with vehicles in Moresby, they are usually far more run down than those found in the Resort, often missing wheels, having punctured tires, smashed windows and, rarely, missing doors. As such, they usually have little of value in them, though the boot can rarely have a duffle bag or some other container hidden in it.

Sedan (Moresby)[]

The Sedan in Moresby is smaller than that found in the Resort, though that's useful as the roads and high traffic found in the city lends itself towards smaller vehicles in general. As with the SUV, the sedan can come in a range of colours and the same shabby bodywork condition. Also like the SUV, the Moresby sedan is in a state, with punctured tires, smashed windows and sometimes missing doors. The boots are also usually popped open, as can the bonnets though when the bonnets are damaged, they are usually contorted at an angle consistent with impact damage. These cars, like the SUV, rarely have anything of note inside them, though if you're lucky a boot might have a duffle bag in it, but mostly they're useful as a brief respite from zombies. It's worth noting that you can find police versions of this sedan that are in surprisingly good condition, retaining good condition bodywork and intact windows.

Box van[]

The box van is by far the most useful non-drivable vehicle you can find in the game. While it's only found in Moresby, it's very useful as a zombie killing strategy. The van itself is a pretty standard box van shape, with a short engine bay, two or three seat cab and large square box storage space at the rear. They come in a variety of liveries, usually in the form of a while removal van, red and white ambulance, blue and white police van, a blue confectionary van, grey electronics outlet van or orange food transport van, though some are just a single, unliveried colour. They don't have any loot in them, as the rear door is never open to the rear of the van, though they are often in better condition than the cars in Moresby, retaining all their doors and wheels as well as having intact windows, though the paintwork can be rusty and if a part of a pile up, the bonnet can be found broken open. In Ryder White's Campaign nearly every single van can be found with the back door open and quite often with good loot in them, making them very valuable to check over at every opportunity in that campaign.

Useful strategy[]

There is one strategy useful to remember with the box van, and it makes traversing Moresby a heck of a lot easier on foot without using the Sewers. All you need is your jumping and a two handed weapon like a fire axe or sledgehammer. When traversing Moresby, plan your route around these box vans. When approaching a van, jump first onto the bonnet, then onto the roof of the cab. Finally, jump onto the box at the rear and crouch down. All the zombies chasing you will now gather around you against the sides of the van. They can't reach you and their AI doesn't know how to climb up. The two handed weapon has the reach to hit them while they are helpless against you. Repeatedly swing at them until the area is clear, then jump down, loot and repeat until your reach your destination. This is the easiest way of getting around by far. Just be careful of Suiciders and Rams, as they don't work for this tactic.

City bus[]

The city bus differs from the tourist coach in a lot of ways. It's smaller, of a different shape and only has one set of double wheels at the rear of the bus, rather than the two of the coach. It's lower down and easier to embark/disembark. All this is because of the smaller space and higher traffic in Moresby than in the Resort. The bus can be found in both the Jungle and Moresby for getting people around the area. It comes in a few colours, the most striking being a nice blue. Surprisingly, the bus is in good condition, with pristine bodywork and often intact windows, though the front window is often smashed, likely from people trying to escape it quickly. Like the coach, it can often block off entire streets due to its size, though on foot you have more of a chance as the doors are found open. The bus is the most worthwhile thing to loot in Moresby in terms of vehicles, as it often contains food for healing such as energy drinks or snacks. It's too high to hit zombies from, however, so the strategy for the box van won't work with the bus roof.

Police transport bus[]

A unique version of the city bus is found at the Pinai Ferry Station in Dead Island: Riptide and has a unique look and model. The base is still the city bus, but the colour scheme is in blue and white police colours and it also has a light bar up the top like a police car as well as blue lights mounted on the front grille. The windows are all covered in mesh to prevent prisoners breaking the glass and escaping, as well as having barred doorways to get into the bus, which could likely be locked to stop the prisoners forcing the doors open. The actual bus is inaccessible as it's broken through the gate to the ferry station and is how to the prisoners escaped, but you can still see through the windows of the bus.

Pick up[]

Unlike the Resort pick up, this one is more like the one seen in Moresby, with the same front end shape and overall size. Indeed, it's likely the same model just made to be a scenery item. It's located all over the jungle in varying states of decay and disrepair, but available in basic colours like a light green, light yellow, red or blue to name a few. Like the drivable version, it features a sturdy, balanced chassis with four wheels spaced to distribute weight and keep the truck on its wheels. The front end is a little squished looking, leading to the main cab which holds two people. The flatbed is at the rear, with an open bench type seat which can seat another two or three people. The tyres are usually deflated and windows smashed, plus it can rarely be founded without doors or a bonnet, displaying the engine. They can have all sorts in the back, ranging from metal chests to wicker baskets which can be searched or even plastic containers holding food or energy drinks. This makes them one of the most worthwhile destroyed vehicles to search in the entire game. They can also be found towing caravans, though these are usually inaccessible.

Caravan trailer[]

The caravan is seen in the Jungle, either by itself in a doomed campsite or being pulled by a pick up. Despite this, they are often in quite good condition, with intact wheels and tyres, intact windows and often undamaged paintwork, though they can be covered in foliage from the lush Jungle. They are long, with set of double wheels near the middle to keep them balanced and a tow attachment at the front. They have a door to enter them near the rear on one side. They are not accessible usually, being purely scenery items, though a variant does appear in Dead Island: Riptide that is accessible to enter. With this case, checking them is very worthwhile as they'll usually contain a few lootable baskets or suitcases as well as likely some healing items. They generally come in either white or dark red, with the lower section of them always being white.


The jeep is much like the drivable version found in the jungle, laboratory and flooded jungle. It's the same design with the roll cage, open sides and roof as well as a flatbed at the back for supplies. They're found in various colours including red, blue, green and white. They can sometimes be found with boxes in the back or an open toolbox with a limited amount of supplies. The windscreens are usually smashed and axles broken. A unique camouflage pattern army jeep can be found during the Ryder White's Campaign which often has a mounted machine gun fitted to the back on an almost 360 degree mount. You can't drive them, however, nor can you take the MMG with you. If they don't have a gun on them they usually have a toolbox with goodies in the back instead, making them some of the most valuable vehicles you can find in that campaign.


Bulldozers are the only construction equipment we ever see in the main Dead Island games and even then they only appear twice. The first one appears at the very beginning of Ryder White's Campaign at the helicopter crash while the other appears in Riptide at the end of the game where it is used to enter the quarantine zone. They are tracked bulldozers with a large yellow scoop at the front connected by large hydraulic pistons. A large engine is partially visible at the front while the seat is open showing the controls. In the original games the bulldozer has a cab covering the seat while in the Definitive Editions it is open cabbed. They have no loot on them so they are purely decorative.


Seen in Escape Dead Island, the forklift is a small vehicle used by GeoPharm on Narapela. It is seen a couple of times, including several at the Freight Elevator, a few in the GeoPharm Labs as well as in the Underwater Labs DLC. They're orange and white with a yellow cab protector and forklift prongs, with a GeoPharm logo on the sides of the body. They have no loot on them and so are purely decorative, since they can't be interacted with in any way, though they are the focus of one of the collectible snapshots, Snapshot 38.

Soft-top sedan[]

Very different to sedans seen in previous games, the sedan featured in Escape Dead Island is a soft-top and very large but also common across the island. It can be seen at virtually any location with access to a road large enough for vehicles to get through, meaning it's very easy to find one. It's large and wide, likely an American model of some kind, but it only appears in blue and with a black soft-top which can be raised or lowered depending on the weather. It can't be interacted with and there's usually no loot with them, making them purely decorative vehicles, though they can occasionally be found with a door, bonnet or boot open. It is however used for one of the collectible snapshots in the game, Snapshot 78.

SUV (Escape Dead Island)[]

Like the SUV seen in the previous entries, this is a large four wheeled car which has most of its space taken up by a large boot. It appears in beige and beige only, with little other distinguishing features bar the rear lights/bumpers and front bumper, grille and lights. Like other vehicles in Escape Dead Island, the SUV is found pretty much everywhere, making it abundant to see. However, like the other vehicles, it has no loot and while it can be found with a door open perhaps, there's nothing of value, making it decorative. It's the focus of one collectible snapshot, Snapshot 79.

Van (Escape Dead Island)[]

Compared to the vans seen previously, the one in Escape Dead Island is quite different. It's small and of likely European make, since it's more compact than the large box vans seen on Banoi and Palanai. Like the SUV, the van is in just one colour, beige, and can be seen all over the island. However, out of all the vehicles seen, the van is the most useful as the rear doors can often be found opened and may have a collectible or some minor loot inside it, making it the most worthwhile out of all the vehicles to search. It is also the subject of a snapshot, Snapshot 80.


Several different aircraft are seen throughout the series, though none of them can be used by the heroes. However, they do bare some significance be it relating to a quest, the plot or some other means.

20200614110046 1

The aircraft as it flies over the Lifeguard Tower

Oceanic Flight 1012[]

Oceanic Flight 1012 can be seen during Act I when the heroes are clearing out the Lifeguard Tower during the main quest Exodus. The aircraft flies overhead and crashes into the Jungle after sending out a distress call via the radio. Monica at the Lighthouse requests that the heroes search for the crash site in the side quest Nighthawk. Upon finding it, the aircraft has split into multiple pieces, all the passengers and crew are dead while Jungle Muggers have taken the place over. The crash site is very large but it does have some good loot, including multiple metal chests as well as all the firearms that can be looted from the muggers and sold for decent cash, making it worthwhile to visit.

20210625201810 1

Super 25 seen in the dlc

Super 25[]

Super 25 appears at the very end of Dead Island on the prison rooftop. The helicopter is guarded by B.I.D.F Soldiers as well as Ryder White himself. It was intended to fly White out from the prison with his infected wife as he called in the bombers to destroy Banoi and thus the zombies. However, the heroes kill the soldiers and, ultimately, Ryder himself after he mutates into a monster, leaving Kevin to fly them all out. The helicopter is seen briefly during the intro to Dead Island: Riptide, where it lands on the ship. It takes a bigger role in the DLC for Dead Island, Ryder White's Campaign, where it is first seen picking up Ryder from the roof of the Moresby Gas Station as he fights off Infected. It was supposed to fly Ryder to the carrier off-shore, but he redirected it to the Prison when he finds out that his wife has been infected, giving the reason as to why it was there when the heroes reach the roof in the main game. It can't be interacted with or visited outside of a cutscene, leaving it as a purely plot related helicopter, unable to be examined or looted.

2013-04-01 00003

Super 64 flying before the crash

Super 64[]

Super 64 is a military helicopter seen in the Ryder White's Campaign DLC for Dead Island. It was used by Ryder White to observe the original efforts of the B.I.D.F to quarantine Banoi, as the intro cutscene shows Ryder flying over the Jungle Overpass as it is blown up. However, one of the pilots of Super 64, Lewington, has been infected and attacks his fellow pilot as they are flying over Moresby. The helicopter crashes into Queenscliffe with Ryder as the only survivor. While the wreckage can be explored at the beginning of the DLC, since it's the starting location, there is nothing of note. There is no loot or things to find at the wreck, leaving it purely decorative.

DI Black Hawk Down crash site

Nikolai's burning helicopter at the crash site

Nikolai's helicopter[]

This helicopter does not have a designation but is nearly identical to both Super 25 and Super 64, meaning it's likely the same helicopter model. The helicopter is seen overhead briefly after retrieving the armoured truck from the Hotel's parking garage, trailing smoke. Upon returning to the Lifeguard Tower, Sinamoi sends the heroes to investigate the crash, starting the main quest Black Hawk Down. Nikolai is found here with the burning crash and the heroes escort him to a nearby bunker. The wreck has little of note here other than a single unlocked metal chest with rarely gives out a good weapon.

20220224223105 1

Serpo's crashed chopper

Frank Serpo's helicopter[]

DIR crashed chopper

The chopper in the original game

A new type of helicopter, greatly resembling a Bell UH-1 Iroquois (nicknamed Huey), is seen in Dead Island: Riptide and is used by Frank Serpo throughout the game. This helicopter is seen during the prologue as Serpo escapes the military ship with the other non-military personnel. It can be seen briefly a few other times when the heroes contact Serpo via video but its next major appearance is in the cutscene between the main quests Rescue and Evacuation. Serpo comes to the Old Town Cinema's roof to evacuate the survivors but demands the immune first. Colonel Hardy knows Serpo will fly off as soon as they are in, abandoning the other survivors and when he tries to get on first, he is shot, prompting Logan to shoot down the helicopter with an M72 LAW. It crashes at The Fort of Henderson, where it is found burning, though this stops when the game is quit and reloaded. The helicopter has little of note other than a metal chest in the rear section which can give out some low quality green 'uncommon' weapons fairly regularly. However, with just one metal chest it's not worth too much bother.

20220224225013 1

The crashed chopper

Unknown helicopter wreck[]

Another helicopter of the same type as Serpo's helicopter can be found at the Helicopter Wreck in the Flooded jungle. It's the same type as Serpo's helicopter, resembling a Huey but it strangely also has the same designation of H-37 as well as the same serial number, 0-13604. It's not seen crashing but Colonel Hardy tells the Heroes about it during the main quest Heavy Equipment, saying that it has a pair of Miniguns on it that the heroes can use. Sure enough, there are two on there that can be removed from their housing. The area is crawling in different types of zombies, however, so keeping safe is challenge. Still, there is merit to travel here, since the miniguns are there for the quest, however two metal chests can be found in the wreck itself. Additionally, Miya can be found at a campsite right next to the crash, so if you can brave the zombies, coming back here after the quest may be worth your while.

EDI Snapshot 32

The helicopter seen in the collectible snapshot

Tom Calo's helicopter[]

Another type of helicopter is seen in Escape Dead Island and is the personal helicopter of Tom Calo, Cliff Calo's father. It makes its only appearance during Mission 9 - Father's Day and is seen overhead of the marina. Tom radios Cliff and tells him to get to the helipad where he can pick him up. Upon reaching it, Cliff has second thoughts about his father's motivation to come get him and denies giving him the proof he has collected whilst on the island, leaving Tom to fly off in the helicopter. The helicopter can't be interacted with in any way and only appears in the cutscenes, meaning there is no loot and no way to enter it, though it is seen again in one of the collectible snapshots in the game, Snapshot 32.

20210424132703 1

The crashed light aircraft at the airfield

Light aircraft[]

Several light aircraft are seen in Escape Dead Island at the Airfield. Xian Mei has crashed onto Narapela in one, though it's unknown exactly how she got a hold of an aircraft and break away from the other heroes. The aircraft is seen smoking overhead in the ending cutscene of Mission 4 - Marathon and Cliff goes to investigate it, arriving at the airfield where the aircraft is burning, though Xian has got out of it. Another one can be found inside the hangar of the airfield in likely working condition. They appear both in red/orange but can likely appear in other basic colours, not that they ever appear so. However, neither of them are interactable and they can't be entered and have no loot on them, making them purely decorative though is it used for one of the collectible snapshots, Snapshot 31.


There have been several different boats and ships seen in the series so far, though they have never been a focus point outside of the plot, though most of them have been playable areas in some form or another.

20200808142556 1

Mowen's boat moored

Mowen's Boat[]

Mowen's Boat is by far the most useful boat out of all of them featured in the series, however it's not actually unique to Mowen. His boat is one of several seen multiple times, being a shallow draught river boat/barge for traversing the waterways of Banoi and Palanai. Mowen's own boat is first seen during the main quest Soldier of Fortune when the heroes steal the boat back from Afran. It is then used by Mowen as transportation for the heroes between the jungle, lab and eventually prison. However, other nearly identical versions of the boat can be seen in the Resort at the marina, sunk against the piers. Another of these boats is seen in Riptide at Halai Village in the safehouse there, however it is not water worthy as it's having major repair work done on the hull, etc. Mowen's version of the boat is the most useful one, as it can be walked around (not that there's much to see or do) but it most importantly has a workbench for repair as well as the ability to fast travel between a couple of locations. There's no loot, but the ability to repair and create weapons is a major point of the boat.

20210616113001 1

The HMAS Avenger crashed on the rocks as seen from Pearl Sands

HMAS Avenger[]

The HMAS Avenger is an Australian Navy frigate that formed a part of the blockade of Banoi and the archipelago as a whole. The boat was the destination of the heroes and other survivors as they were flown away from Banoi by Kevin. He flew them to the boat though whether this was knowingly or by chance we'll never know. The helicopter landed on the boat and they were all quickly arrested. Yerema bites one of the guards and he in turn infects the ship which is quickly overrun by zombies. The captain is infected and Samuel Hardy organises a defence of the helicopter hangar while directing the heroes to regain control of the helm. It's too late, though, as once the heroes kill the undead captain and regain control of the bridge, the boat crashes into some rocks and the survivors are left stranded on Palanai. It can then be seen on the rocks at Pearl Sands beach, its final resting place. The boat has various basic melee weapons on it as well as plentiful firearms and ammo for them. It can also be explored somewhat extensively, though a lot of the boat is locked off by debris, locked doors or other means. However, all these weapons are lost at the end of the prologue when the ship crashes into the rocks, meaning it's not worth upgraded them or anything.

Dead-Island-Ryder-White-Campaign-Trailer 5

The carrier seen in a cutscene

Unknown aircraft carrier[]

Seen briefly during Ryder White's Campaign, this aircraft carrier is a part of the military blockade of the archipelago, preventing boats from coming on or leaving the area. It was likely the home base of Super 64 and the jets that bomb Palanai as heard about in one of John Morgan's Diary entries. Super 25 was supposed to bring Ryder White to the aircraft carrier after evacuating him from the roof of the Moresby Gas Station, however shortly before landing Ryder redirects them to the Prison so he can collect his wife. The carrier is then not seen again, so is not explorable or interactable.

Sylvia boat

The boat docked in the Quarantine Zone, how it's first found


Sylvia is the name of the boat used to take the heroes away from Palanai at the end of Dead Island: Riptide. The boat is found in the docks of the Quarantine Zone and is the final hope for the heroes and survivors to escape the area. Once they escape, in the final cutscene the boat is seen adrift off some sort of dock, seemingly devoid of all life. However, the camera zooms into the hatch into the boat where roaring and banging can be heard before it breaks open the cuts the screen to black, leading the survivor's fate unknown. The boat holds nothing of value when the heroes reach it and there's nothing to interact with it other than the hatch which ends the game. As such, there's nothing to do with it other than end the game and use it to start a new playthrough.

EDI Snapshot 26

The boat appearing on a collectible snapshot in the game

Cliff's father's boat[]

Cliff's Father's Boat, officially named Vertigo, was the private yacht used by Tom Calo and stolen by Cliff and his friends to visit Narapela to investigate the goings on of GeoPharm on the island. The boat carried them all the way there and they anchor it slightly off shore, using an orange dingy to get to the Beach. However, for an unexplained reason, the boat explodes and sinks. Devan theorises that the engine exploded but whatever happened to it, the boat sinking leaves Cliff and his friends trapped on the island. The boat is able to be explored during the first mission of the game, Smooth Sailing, and can be walked around relatively freely. There's nothing of not really on the boat other than Linda's Voice Recorder and the Camera, but during New Game +, a hidden medkit and katana can be found hidden in the cabin. The boat can't be revisited after this, though it is seen in a hidden mission during New Game +, crashed on the beach as well as featuring in Snapshot 26.

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The wrecked launch on the pier

Motor launch[]

The launch is seen at the end of the Marina Pier at the marina in Escape Dead Island but is not actually visited until Mission 8 - Devan when Devan tries to find a boat to escape. However, the boat somehow sinks before it can be driven away from the pier, leaving Cliff once again stranded on the island. It's an orange motor launch which may have been used as a lifeboat given it colour. It has a white cabin with two large outboard motors at the rear. The boat is not actually useable nor can it be boarded, since you're unable to get close enough to it without a cutscene happening and all the other times it's in the water. As such, it's purely a decorative/plot relevant boat with no loot. Unlike other vehicles in Escape Dead Island, the boat is not even used in a collectible snapshot.


  • All vehicles are marked by a yellow steering wheel on your mini-map.
  • All the vehicles are Right-Hand Drive.
  • Sometimes it is best to get in the vehicle when standing at the passenger's door. Aim towards the driver's seat and press the Use button. The Hero will quickly teleport to the driver's seat. (May not work with some vehicle types and only works in the original games).
  • Do not attempt to enter or exit a vehicle while in motion, this could result in death.
  • Do not stand in front or behind of a moving vehicle, this could also result in death.
  • Vehicles can be used for cover and act as a place to jump to when surrounded by undead, though Infected can sometimes glitch/climb up to you.
  • It is best to turn the steering wheel in the direction one wants to go before accelerating, as the steering can be turned in each direction in a stopped position.
  • When travelling in the Jungle, it is highly recommended to have all passengers use Auto Rifles so that they may fire from the inside of the vehicle in case they get surrounded or the driver dies due to the lack of protection.
  • If an undrivable car is near an explosive barrel, detonating the barrel can cause the car next to it to explode, killing anything nearby. This only happens with certain cars, however, and never vans or buses.
  • It's advised to never drive over Suiciders with the front of vehicles since they will detonate, potentially destroying the vehicle with the player and any passengers inside (except in Dead Island: Riptide). Instead, the player should hit them with the rear of the vehicle.
  • Vehicles are far more effective, and therefore even more important, in the Definitive Edition of both the original and Riptide. Not only are you now basically immune to Suicider explosions when running them over, they also do massively increased ram damage, able to kill any normal walker or infected at even extremely low speeds in a single pass. This makes traversing areas, especially those with Suiciders that you'd either need to avoid or deal with manually, a lot safer and quicker, as well as giving you access to a fun sport!
  • All driveable vehicles in the Definitive Editions are Coloured either just Grey, White, Dark Blue, or Black now.
  • For some reason, the camouflage pattern army jeeps in Ryder White's Campaign do not make a reappearance in the Definitive Edition version of the DLC. Instead the jeeps are just plain green if you're lucky, even those with the machine gun on them. It's unknown why they were not brought back in the remaster.
  • Ryder White's Campaign is the only time we see jeeps in Moresby, as they do not appear anywhere there in the main game. As to what happened to them between the events of Ryder White's Campaign and the main campaign isn't known.


  • There's an easter egg on one of the tourist coaches' liveries. On the multi-coloured one it's got the destinations written on the side. One of the destinations is Harran, the location of techland's next zombie game, Dying Light. This is easiest seen on the coach in front of the gate leading up to the Lighthouse.


Drivable vehicles[]

Undrivable vehicles[]