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Hello! I'm WikiaWizard and I'm an editor here. I came to this Wiki out of curiosity during a playthrough of Dead Island with a friend. We're having such a great time so I thought I'd come on over and check out what was here. I occasionally share some of the knowledge I gained from playing (whatever I have!) and sort a little here and there if the need arises.

If you ever need me you can always leave a message on my Message Wall here. You can also find me on the Fable or Amalur Wikis.

Well, I hope you enjoy Banoi and its beautiful view :)

My favorite pages


  • Zombies page needs to be shortened and possibly separated up by game e.g Dead Island, Riptide, Escape etc.
  • Individual pages for zombies also need to be updated with information from Riptide.

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