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A pile of bodies Why? Who? Disgusting.
Cliff Calo when he first saw a pile of bodies.

800px-Dead island passport to life broomstick stabbed into zombie

one with a broomstick

Unrecognizable Bodies are featured in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide, appearing all over both islands at various locations. They have no effect in gameplay and cannot be interacted with, but weapons like broomsticks can sometimes be found sticking out of the body and zombies can usually be found feasting on them, suggesting at least some of the bodies were zombies at one point. It is likely the remaining bodies have been feasted on or burned so badly, they are incapable of becoming a zombie. They also make an appearance in Escape Dead Island, serving the same purpose.


They appear as heavily destroyed bodies, all their skin torn off and most their flesh either ripped off or eaten. Much of their skeleton can be seen, specifically their legs and ribcage is the most often seen bones. They sit in pools of blood and often you can see a trail of blood leading to the body, showing either where the person tried to crawl away before they died, or where the body was dragged by zombies as they feasted. Sometimes a weapon can be found in them, from where other survivors killed the animated corpse before zombies descended on what remained of the body. There is another version in Riptide unlike the destroyed version these ones appear to be deceased Infected or survivors. Like the unrecognisable bodies, other version they can be used by Zombies to Feast on. Strangely enough this is the only body where blood can be seen coming out from Zombies feasting on it but if the Player hits or uses a firearm or weapon it will not do anything. Suiciders also have some but these only appear in the first game and they're rare two can be found one when you fight the first Suicider from the Helicopter crash next to bodies of Walkers or one in the bunker where the Brown Skull is but these Suicider bodies can't be feasted or interacted with. Floaters also have Unrecognisable Bodies from the first game, like Suiciders. They can be found in the Laboratory and are just as rare as Suicider bodies. They're deceased Floater bodies that have been feasted on by other zombies over time, or have rotted to the point where they're almost nothing. Two Floater Meat can always be found next to the bodies.


  • They can't be looted or interacted with in any form.
  • They will not come alive as a Walker, unlike some of the other bodies you find across the games.
  • You can occasionally find basic weapons sticking out of them, but it's usually a poor quality or unlevelled basic weapon such as a Stick or Broomstick.
  • Zombies will often go down to feast on the body, even if they weren't originally eating.
  • In Escape Dead Island, if you take a snapshot of the pile of bodies at the base of the Mountaintop, you will collect Snapshot 17 which is required for the achievement/trophy What Happened, Happened