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Unnamed Jungle Bunkers are a collection of bunkers found scattered across the Mingende Jungle in Dead Island. These bunkers are not attached to any specific area and are often inaccessible. They hold little loot and are usually out of the way to get to, so only tourists would want to visit them. The bunkers vary in their type but they're either the large Resort type bunkers or the smaller entrance to an underground bunker like the one seen at the Waterfall Bunker

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The bunker entrance with the main bunker further up in the background

Smuggler's Den Bunker[]

This bunker can be seen from the entrance to the Smugglers' Den during the main quest Soldier of Fortune. It's high up on the mountain with a good view of the entrance to the Smugglers' Marina, likely why it was built as it has a commanding presence over the area and would have been a large obstacle for opposing forces to take on. It has a small entrance bunker that likely has a tunnel leading to the main bunker on the cliff. The bunker has no distinguishing features other than the usual overgrown plant life. There's no marking or writing on the bunker and the main bunker is inaccessible by any means other than cheats. There's no loot to be found so it's purely decorative.

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The bunker with the chest seen in front of it

Antenna Tower Bunker[]

This bunker is very far away and despite being close to the Antenna, it's impossible to reach it. Instead to reach it, one would have to reach the first watchtower on the way to Afran's base. At the first watchtower, one can go over the pond next to the road into a clearing. Following this across and going left will lead to the bunker. It's only a bunker entrance like the Waterfall Bunker so it's inaccessible without a Fast Travel point. Like the Smuggler's Den bunker, it has no markings and is purely decorative. However there is a level 3 locked Metal chest in front of it.