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"In times like these, you think people would pull together."
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"It's the Lord's will that you be here."
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Afran Base Entrance

Location where one of the attacks happen.

Unknown Jungle Survivors are survivors located in the Mingende Jungle in Dead Island. These survivors are found in various places across the jungle map, under attack from Jungle Muggers. Entering their vicinity will activate one of five (5) unmarked jungle quests to help them. They are friendly towards the Hero.

The survivors themselves are only armed with a pistol and are usually hiding behind their vehicle, which is not usable by the player. They will be shooting at around 3-5 jungle muggers who are also armed with pistols, though one will usually carry an auto rifle.

Upon killing the final jungle mugger, the survivor will thank the hero and reward them with cash. When the hero returns to their location after helping them, they will be gone, leaving their fate unknown though it's possible that they're still alive.


  • The survivors can't be harmed by the player's actions, even if they have a grenade or other throwable thrown at them.
  • The survivors will also help the Heroes if they're attacked by Zombies or Afran's Soldiers.
  • They're one of the few survivors in the Jungle who engage in combat, the others being: Mowen, Muggers, Mohakin, Jason, Carlos, and Afran's Soldiers.
  • They're possibly Matutero's soldiers but this in speculation.