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Uninvited Guests is a side quest given to the Hero by Alicia Jacobs.


The hero must get into Alicia's house and save her from the besieging Zombies.


  • When travelling from the Church to Victory Hill in Moresby, likely en route to the Warehouse, it's possible to hear a woman shouting for help from the main road up the hill.
  • Alicia will be seen from her balcony outside calling for help. Zombies are loose in her house and she needs someone to clear them out for her to escape.
  • Enter the house and go down the hallway to find around 6 Walkers and Infected milling around in the area.
  • They're pretty easy to deal with, so kill them all then go through the double doors to the stairwell up.
  • There's a couple of Infected waiting in the stairwell so don't be caught out. Kill them and then go up the stairs.
  • A Thug and three Infected are at the back of the hall. This is not a problem, however, as the Infected will detect you long before the Thug will, so let them run over to you and kill them with a well placed attack to their head to swiftly dispatch them.
  • There's not a lot of room for dealing with the Thug, but dodging backwards when he attacks and going for the head is the easiest way to kill it, other than throwing weapons at it.
  • At the end of the hallway there's an open door on the right. Head through it to find the door to Alicia's apartment.
  • Three Walkers are in front of the door and need to be dealt with first. Luckily they're quite oblivious so it's possible to get the first hit and kill them before they can hit back. Once they're dead you can enter the apartment.
  • The initial hallway of her apartment leads to a T-junction, with the bedroom straight ahead, the kitchen to the left and bathroom to the right. Alicia is hiding in the bedroom, so head straight ahead. She'll be in the middle of the room so go talk to her to finish the quest and get your rewards.


  • The Blue Skull can be found in the bathroom of Alicia's apartment in a cabinet. Break the glass to collect the skull.
  • The Purple Skull altar is also located here in the kitchen of Alicia's apartment. Go into the kitchen and place the skull on the altar on top of the stove.
  • IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO RE-ENTER THE HOUSE AFTER COMPLETING THE QUEST. Because of this, do not start the quest until you have already collected the purple skull so you can place it on the altar in the house.
    • This has been fixed in patch 1.3 and the Definitive Edition, as it's now possible to enter and exit the house as you please after completing the quest.
  • The Glazed Mod is found in here on top of an overturned cabinet in the bedroom.


  • A door barricaded with a cabinet is found on the first floor, in front of the first group of zombies. Growling and thrashing can be heard coming from the other side of the door, hinting on a survivor possibly having taken refuge inside and eventually turning.