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Underwater Labs is a DLC for Escape Dead Island. It was released on 4th February 2015 for all platforms and it can be downloaded for free. The DLC focusses on a new section of the GeoPharm Labs on the island of Narapela, built partially underwater, as Cliff Calo explores it to undercover new truths about GeoPharm's actions on the island.

Anyone who purchase the game will already have Underwater Labs included in their download and existing players can download the expansion for free from Steam store, PlayStation network[1] or Xbox marketplace[2].


See the walkthrough of the DLC HERE.


Players will venture into the underwater depths of Ronald Crown’s secret lab and discover the horrible truth behind GeoPharm's research on the island of Narapela. Unlocking these forgotten chambers adds another layer of insanity to Cliff’s zombie infested world.


  • Access Ronald Crown’s underwater lab for the first time.
  • Discover the truth behind GeoPharm's research
  • More insanity-inducing events.
  • Introducing an all-new zombie type: The Dweller.
  • 2 all-new weapons (The Walloper and Assault Rifle) to use throughout the entire game!
  • All-new set of collectibles, Ronald's Logs, a collection of audio logs left behind by Ronald Crown, the creator of GeoPharm as he documents the rise and fall of the labs,
  • 4 all-new theme outfits for Cliff.
  • New skins for all existing in-game weaponry[3]


  • Access to the labs is only possible using a new keycard, the Lab Maintenance Keycard, which is automatically deposited in Cliff's inventory and doesn't need to be collected on any playthrough.
  • Dwellers are widely considered to be the toughest and most challenging zombie type in the game, even more so than the Butcher.
  • The combat flashlight must be acquired before the DLC can be accessed via one of the many hatches that appear on Narapela.
  • Once the lab has been entered, there is no way of leaving it other than finishing the DLC, so only enter if you are ready for it.
  • One one hatch leads to the DLC area, with the others leading to small rooms or corridors which contain either loot, collectibles or one of the new weapons, the Walloper.
  • It's strongly advised to only enter the DLC after acquiring the shotgun, silenced pistol and katana from Mission 7 - Beauty and the Beast as well as possibly the advanced axe, because the Dwellers are very difficult to kill with the basic weapons. The army knife is also a must have for the DLC.
  • While the two new weapons are kept for the rest of the game after finishing the DLC, they do not carry on between campaigns, so starting New Game + after finishing the DLC will not carry over the weapons, requiring the DLC to be beaten again to get them back.
  • After completing the DLC, it is possible to re-enter the labs via the hatch near the GeoPharm Labs entrance. However, the loot will not have respawned and like the GeoPharm Labs, it's impossible to progress very far back into the lab due to a door being locked shut, preventing access. If you missed anything (such as one of the weapons or some of the collectibles), you have to either start a new game or wait until starting New Game + to go in again.


  • Towards the end of the DLC, there's a keypad on a wall with several large windows looking at a tank of water. By pressing the button, a fat shark with very close similarities to Fatshark's company's logo, will swim up to the window and bash against it, before swimming away again.