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Two Hearts is a very easy difficulty side quest given to the Hero by Jennifer Snider in Dead Island.


Located Jennifer's sister, Anne.


  • Talk to Jennifer to start the quest.
  • She's worried about her sister Anne, who is located somewhere in the Golden Bungalows. She'll probably be in the bungalow where the two sisters were staying, so she advises you to check there first.
  • Head out of the bungalow and make your way to the Lighthouse. On the way, you'll encounter a Thug and possibly a Suicider if you're far enough along in the main story. You'll also encounter some Walkers, but they should be easy for you to take out.
  • Use the car to drive to near the bungalow where Anne is located. It's the same bungalow as where Kim is.
  • Leave the car on the road and climb up the steps to reach the bungalow. You need to break through a side door, but Anne will be in there as before.
  • Talk to her, and she'll be happy that her sister is ok. She asks you to tell Jennifer that she's ok and that Teddy is protecting her.
  • Exit the bungalow and return to the car. Drive to the Lighthouse again and then walk back to Jennifer.
  • The zombies may have respawned, so take them out again if that's the case, then talk to Jennifer to finish the quest.


  • This quest is only available after you complete the side quest Toy Story. They are not linked, but the first one must be completed for this to show up.
  • It's easy to pick up this quest while completing the side quest Family Matters, as they are both in the same bungalow.