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The Two-Parter is a variant of the Brass Knuckles and a Legendary Weapon in Dead Island, rarely available from Metal chests or killed Zombies.


The Two-Parter is the legendary version of Brass Knuckles and so retains the same qualities but with enhanced positive qualities. The weapon has medium damage and medium force, though said force is good when compared to the deal it deals. This means that the Two-Parter is quite capable of Breaking limbs, which means if you aim for the legs and manage to break them both, you can quickly fell any enemy. It also has a very fast swing speed and a very low stamina drain so you can keep swinging for days and still not run out of stamina. However, the drawbacks of the Two-Parter is that it is still a Brass Knuckle variant and so has an incredibly short weapon range. You need to get up close and personal with any enemy to hit them, which is dangerous against something like a Thug or particularly a Butcher, so extreme caution and care needs to be taken if thinking of engaging those two special infected specifically. Additionally, again due to its base weapon type, the Two-Parter is unable to accept any weapon mods, which hampers its effectiveness compared to other legendary weapons or weapons in general.


As a Brass Knuckle variant, the Two-Parter is unable to accept any weapon mods.



  • The Two-Parter is the only legendary weapon in the game to not have any applicable weapon mods.
  • Despite having the Spiked Brass Knuckles icon and a similar model, the Two-Parter is unable to accept the mods that the Spiked Brass Knuckles can.