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Just like Bruno, this stylish, razor-sharp ceramic dagger never loses its edge.
— In-game Description

The Trickster's Smile is a unique sharp Headhunter weapon featured in Dead Island 2. A variant of the Dagger, it is unlocked by signing up for the the Dead Island 2 newsletter on the PROS website. It can then be claimed from Carlos Salazar in Emma Jaunt's mansion in Bel-Air.


As a dagger variant, the Trickster's Smile shares most of its characteristics with the dagger. It has a fast swing speed but very small attack cone and weapon reach, only capable of hitting in a small area directly in front of itself. It also features low force and generally low durability, but with quite good damage. In general, the weapon is best used against lone enemies, such as Walkers, Shamblers and Runners. The fast attack speed means it can stun lock basic enemies like this, or quickly finish off multiple low health enemies. It also has a low stamina usage for heavy attacks, meaning an element of surprise is viable with this weapon. However, taking on harder, higher health enemies such as Crushers or Slobbers, is far more difficult due to the short weapon range.




  • It can be bought from Carlos Salazar in Emma's mansion.
    • Like all DLC weapons, the first purchase is always free, with it then costing Cash for each subsequent purchase.