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Trevor Rogers is a survivor and Merchant introduced in Dead Island: Riptide.


Prior to the outbreak, Trevor was an engineer, before becoming stranded on Palanai Island during the outbreak. He's a member of the Paradise Survival Camp group and appears to be the de facto leader/second in command if Harlow is not there.

He's first met towards the end of the main quest Castaway when he shouts to the Hero to help the survivors defend the camp from a zombie horde. He then gives the hero a Flare Gun to blow the bridge, stopping the zombies coming across. He remains in the camp while the heroes travel across the Flooded jungle in search of a boat to Henderson. Along with the survivors in the camp, he defends the Paradise Survival Camp from the zombie horde summoned by Marcus Villa in the main quest The Ritual before abandoning the new burnt out and unsafe camp to stay in Halai Village. He appears briefly in the cutscene near the end of the main quest House of God where, along with the other camp survivors, he gets in a boat to travel to the Santa Maria Mission where the entrance to the Japanese Tunnels is located.

Once at the mission, Trevor takes control, asking the hero to find a mud pump at Marik's Marina during the main quest Pump Action, tasking them all with defending the mission during the main quest Change of Plans and then defending it once again during the main quest Stalwart Defense. He remains at the mission with the rest of the group while the heroes clear out a path through the tunnels to Henderson.

Once through, he protects the Pinai Ferry Station with the rest of the group during the main quest Terminal Siege until Marvin can get the Pinai Ferry across to allow them all to finally reach Henderson. Once at the city, he sticks with the group and acts as a leader along with Samuel Hardy until the latter is killed, protecting the Old Town Cinema roof in the main quest Evacuation as well as escaping to The Fort of Henderson. Once there, he directs the heroes to search the Quarantine Zone for Harlow to find her as well as looking for a boat to get them all away from the island. Finally, he escapes on the boat with the heroes and remaining camp survivors at the end of the game.


Trevor is a middle aged man with short brown hair and a full beard and moustache. He wears a brown and yellow checkered shirt, blue cargo shorts held by a black belt, white socks, and light brown boots. He also wears a purple backpack as well as various pouches around his waist.



Note: All of the possible items in Trevor's stock are not guaranteed to appear at once. He may have a different selection each time you load the game. In addition to this, he will not sell higher rarity weapons or a different variety if his Team Quest Best Merchandise for Trevor Rogers has not been completed.


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