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Trent is a survivor featured in Dead Island 2.


Trent is a pothead who got stuck at the Blue Crab Grill restaurant when the zombie apocalypse started with his friends Alex Nguyen, who's a bodybuilder, Kai, who works there, and Bud, another pothead. Trent is always seen smoking and being negative about Alex's and Kai's survival ideas.


Trent is a middle aged man with short blonde hair and a full beard. He wears a yellow t-shirt with the text "Dope" on the front, dark green patterned shorts, and black and white checkered sneakers. He also wears a pair of red squared shaped glasses, a bed necklace, and a green wristband on his right wrist.


  • Trent wonders if his old friend Nick got. The slayers will later find Nick undead and kill them. It is unknown why the slayers never tell Trent about his friend's death.
  • He could possibly be a drug dealer since he seems to offer other people weed and even talked about special drugs he has with him.