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Treasure Hunter is a challenge in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. It requires the Hero to open a certain amount of lootable containers. Lootable containers are any suitcase, cabinet, basket, etc. that can be opened. This challenge is easier unlocked through natural progression as you'll be doing a lot of looting.


  • 100 containers must be looted for level 1 and the reward is 2,000 XP.
  • 250 containers must be looted for level 2 and the reward is 4,000 XP.
  • 500 containers must be looted for level 3 and the reward is 15,000 XP.
  • 1,000 containers must be looted for level 4 and the reward is 80,000 XP.


  • Looting corpses of fallen enemies or picking up their fallen weapons WILL NOT count towards the challenge.
  • Looting metal chests WILL count towards the challenge.
  • This challenge can be seen as the sister challenge to the Finders Keepers challenge, where you loot corpses instead of containers.