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DI2 trash poetry location

Trash Poetry is a Journal featured in Dead Island 2. It is one of the collectables possible used to gain the achievement Bookworm. It is a draft of a love poem that was thrown away with the trash.


On the floor in the basement of the Lotusville Mall at Ocean Avenue. After gaining access to the basement of the Lotusville Mall during the side quest Lending a Hand, you need to search for the thrown away bag. On the floor in one of the trash dump rooms is a phone next to a body. This is the collectible.


Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
It's the end of the world
So drop the dead weight and let me hook up with you

Christ, I can do better

My love for you continues to grow
It lasts forever, not like snow
Of all the stars you shine the brightest
This doesn't sound like me in the slightest

Guess at this point this has just become an ideas page. Cool. Let's experiment.

Hey there girl,
Looking fine,
Come drink with me,
And then we'll... dine? On love?

Ava, Ava. Hey there Ava.
Wish I'd been an English majuh

Oh! Computers! Obviously!
Ode to Computer Girl!
Let me connect to your network of trust
Don't DOS me, accept my lust.
I'll give your website a billion hits
I'll even let you squeeze my

I know this is sudden, but I need to say.
You make my heart act in a crazy way.
It's a way that I like, but I don't know how to approach.
You're taken, we're friends, so I shouldn't encroach.
But for the longest time, sometime after we met.
I began to realize feelings I hadn't truly felt yet.
I'm not scared that you might not feel like I do.
To be honest, I think that's probably true.
I'm way more scared that our friendship will end and stuff if you know how I feel.
But, I shouldn't die to zombies without saying that I think I sorta love you?

...OK. Draft 1. Time to refine and perfect!

This might be sudden, babe, but I need to say
[A wine spill renders the rest of the note illegible]