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Toy Story is an easy difficulty side-quest given to the Hero by Anne Snider in Dead Island.


The Hero must retrieve a teddy bear for Anne, who is distraught and claims she cannot sleep without him.


  • Talk to Anne to start the quest.
  • Anne needs Teddy to help her sleep, as she can't sleep with the moans of the zombies outside and Teddy will comfort her.
  • Exit Anne's bungalow and proceed back to the Lifeguard Tower. You will likely have come here by car, so get back in it and drive to the Lifeguard Tower again. Alternatively, you can drive to the Lighthouse to unlock it if you haven't already and just fast travel to the Lifeguard Tower.
  • Exit from the Lifeguard Tower and go into the Silver Bungalows district. The bungalow is located right next to the bungalow you meet Omar in, so follow the same route to reach the bungalow with Teddy in.
  • There's usually an Infected in front of the bungalow, so kill it first, then enter the bungalow.
  • You'll find Hector Lecter inside, defending a woman named Lucy who is sitting next to Teddy. Hector is armed with a knife and deals considerable damage and it is advised to aim directly for his head to make him stagger.
  • Kill Hector and pick up Teddy. Lucy will not become hostile, as she is in a state of shock on the floor.
  • Return to the Lifeguard Tower and take the car back to Anne's bungalow.
  • Enter it and talk to her to hand over Teddy and complete the quest.


  • You can find a metal chest outside the bungalow.
  • ID Card #21 is located next to Teddy.
  • After this quest has been completed, if you return to the bungalow with Anne after reloading the game, you will see Teddy sitting on the floor next to her.
  • Hector has a modded knife, but when killed the Hero will only get a normal knife off him. One report states that when the player confronted Hector, only normal damage was dealt to the player (no special effects).
  • The simplest way to handle this is to kill Hector with throwing weapons upon entering the room and without approaching (he won't become aggressive until approached).
  • It's easy to complete Omar's side quests, Hit and Run and Omar Escort while completing this quest, as they are right next to the bungalow where Teddy is located, so you can complete them on the way.
  • The side quest Two Hearts is not available from Jennifer Snider until this quest has been completed.


  • On rare occasions when attacking Hector your game may crash.


  • The title of this quest is a reference to the popular film series of the same name.