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The Town Hall is a location featured in Dead Island. It was a Safe House located in Moresby, and is inhabited by a number of survivors and police officers.

The heroes first hear of the Town Hall from Mother Helen when she gives out the quest Way of Salvation, where the heroes are shown to the Sewers entrance by Joseph. After travelling through the Sewers, the heroes first see it in person during the main quest Head Against the Wall, where the survivors holding out there refuse to give out any of their supplies.

The Town Hall is later overrun by the time the heroes get back from their trip to the Supermarket during the main quest Bitter Return. All the survivors in the town hall have been killed, including Mayor Todd Tanis. Zombies run riot around the Town Hall and it is no longer a safe house.

The Town Hall can be accessed later in the game by traversing the Sewers again, but you'll need to use the map available on the wiki, as there's no Sewer map available in game and no way of setting a waypoint to the door to Town Hall.


The Town Hall is a large, grand building, built when Moresby was still a growing town. It has two floors, an ornate balcony over the two double doors entrance as well as columned architecture all around. The doors are made of solid wood, carved and ornate to show the wealth of this side of Moresby. There's flags hanging over the front doors as well as some planters to spruce up the outside.

Most of the inside of Town Hall is made of offices, particularly the upper floor. Most of the upper floor has computer offices, while the Mayors office is at the back. The office is large and grand, with a lot of space to show the status of city mayor. A set of stairs on either side of the entrance allow access between floors. There's a central courtyard which has decorative paving on it, while a walkway is provided on the upper floor to get an elevated view into the courtyard. The survivors at the Town Hall have various boxes of fruit and supplies littered around Town Hall, while any spare furniture is piled in front of the main doors to give some protection from the Ram which is battering at the building. Though it is not seen some of the survivors in the Town Hall mention the building shaking, likely from a Ram hitting the building. When the Town Hall is later overrun, it's hinted that the Ram was the cause, as it's now in the central courtyard with a Suicider, which is located directly behind the main doors.


  • Diamonds can be found in the Town Hall. Every time the player visits the Town Hall, diamonds can frequently be found in the safe underneath the Mayor's desk.
  • A metal chest is located beneath the desk in the courtyard, next to the flip board where a police officer is lecturing some survivors. There's also a molotov cocktail behind it.
  • After the Town Hall is overrun, you can find the Magic Wand Mod in the Mayor's office, on his desk.
  • A Grenade is also found on the upper walkway overlooking the courtyard after Town Hall falls.
  • The Pride Shotgun Mod can also be found on the knocked-out podium, above a broken wooden table.
  • Upon returning to the city hall, there is a mounted machine gun on the balcony as well as a molotov cocktail.
  • Be careful on opening locked doors when the Town hall has been overrun by zombies, a Suicider often spawns behind a locked door where upon breaking, the player most often does not have enough time to get away from the ensuing fatal blast.
  • The machine gun can be used to easily farm XP as the zombies continue to rush out of the building opposite the Town Hall balcony. It is best to kill them first before going downstairs to avoid being overwhelmed. On subsequent visits to the Town Hall (after Bitter Return is complete) they may not be replaced in real time at all (seen both ways).
    • This has been changed in Patch 1.3, as there are only a few zombies now and a small number of others that spawn.
  • Unfortunately Hector is nowhere to be found in the town hall. But he could be found in the Resort in Bungalow 15 with his wife Lucy.
  • When the Town Hall is overrun, the double doors entrance is wide open, allowing zombies to come in. However, even though they are technically open, attempting to leave the Town Hall and go into the street will result in the screen fading to black after a few seconds and the player being spawned back in the foyer.


  • The game is a bit inconsistent with how the Town hall was overrun. It's hinted that lowering the water levels in the Sewers allowed the zombies to get through into the building, based on the guard's initial comments, but all visual evidence suggests that a Ram finally broke in and no one was able to survive the horde rush.
    • It's possible both answers are true: some zombies got in from below, weakening their defenses, allowing a Ram to finally break in.
  • During the Bitter Return main quest, the player has the option to man a mounted machine gun located on the building's balcony and shoot at the zombies crowding the street in front. However, the game doesn't provide an option to map the button/key to let off the gun (which can be confusing if the player has mapped the rest of the actions to other buttons/keys). If playing the PC version, the key to let off the gun is 'F'.
  • When the town hall is invaded, people's screams are heard in the background, but walking through the building there are no survivors.


Before being overrun[]

After being overrun[]