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Tony Sinclair is a named Runner featured in Dead Island 2. He is first met by the Slayers at the end of the side quest The Death of the Party.


Tony was the nephew of Curtis Sinclair, and was attending Sinclair's party with the intent to rob him with his friend Crystal. Things went south when infected attacked the party and Tony threw his uncle's favorite maid to escape. However, it didn't work and Tony was infected. When the Slayers are aiding Curtis in getting down to the bottom floor of his house, they have to kill Tony to keep Curtis safe. Curtis, however, had no love for his nephew and was perfectly happy to watch him get killed by the Slayers.


Tony uses a random Runner model, consisting of a shirt underneath a jacket, pants, and checkered shoes.


Tony is an aggressive and violent Runner, who bursts through the door to reach the Slayers. He is very aggressive and constantly swipes and attacks the Slayers, remaining close and not letting them out of his sight.

Strategy and tips[]

  • Being a named zombie, Tony has more health and deals more damage than a normal Runner.
  • He has no special abilities, so any normal Runner strategies will work.
  • If you can knock him down, his head can be stomped for an instant kill.
  • Due to being a Runner, throwing items at him isn't all that viable. However, distracting him with Meat Bait will allow you to get some free hits in.