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Titus Kabui was a survivor featured in Dead Island. He was a prisoner and the leader of the survivors inside the canteen at the Prison.

He gives the Hero the quest The Green Mile, in which the Hero will need to release his old friend, Alvaro Sanchez, from his cell in cell block A.

After this gives the heroes the quest Full Metal Jacket where he wants the heroes to find the prison armory and get weapons for him to arm his men so they aren't afraid of the zombies all the time. This proves to be in vain as the armory only had scarce supplies inside.

Then he wants the adjacent kitchen cleared out in the quest Dante's Kitchen so that he can feed his men, since the canteen itself doesn't have any food. Once the heroes have done this, he promises passage to cell block C.

He then instantly goes back on that promise by telling the heroes to instead go to cell block B to try the armoury there. This, of course, isn't where White is located, but they have to go through with it anyway, as they still need Titus to tell them how to get to block C. However, as the Heroes reach the control room for Cell Block B, The Voice warns them not to go through with it since Titus and his crew will be too dangerous if they have weapons.

The heroes later learn from Jin and Yerema that some of the prisoners start an uprising against him which incites a commotion that attracts a horde of the undead to their location, and it is assumed he does not survive as he makes no further appearances in the game, either dying from the prisoners attacking him, the undead attracted by the screams, or both.


Titus is a middle to older aged man with short slicked back hair and a goatee. He has multiple tattoos on his face and upper body. He wears the lower half of the orange Prison jumpsuit with the upper half cut/torn off, exposing his tattoos. He also wears multiple gold chains, a black belt holding his pants, gold rimmed glasses, black trainers, and a pair metal chains hanging from his belt.


  • The Rebels which Ryder White encounters at the Loading Dock are presumably working for Titus, since one of them suggests bringing Ryder to him.


  • Titus appears to be fond of Cuban cigars, as he often deals with Mowen for a brand of cigar known as Havana Cigars.
  • An image of Titus is used as the icon for the Achievement/Trophy "Humanitarian".