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Titus Andronikus is an easy difficulty main quest given to the Hero automatically upon reaching the Prison in Dead Island. It automatically begins at the start of Act IV.


The Heroes follows Jin, Mowen, and Yerema into the Prison.


  • You'll be greeted by a cutscene showing the heroes fending off a sea mine while Mowen carefully pilots the boat through it.
  • After the cutscene ends, you'll be deposited in the Prison. Welcome to your new home!
  • Follow Mowen as he travels down the corridors and talks to the prisoners guarding the way.
  • After being let through, you'll reach the double doors to the canteen, which have been tactically closed so you have to watch the introduction cutscene.
  • Activate the doors to open them and play the cutscene. It shows the gang walking into the canteen. It's a tense, stand off situation with creepy prisoners hitting on Jin and Titus warily watching them. Mowen initiates conversation with Titus, bribing him with the package you collected for him which is revealed to be a pack of cigars. After Mowen defuses the situation, you are deposited in the serving area of the canteen with Mowen, Jin, Titus and Yerema. This will finish the quest.


  • There's no enemies for you to fight in this quest, so just follow Mowen to the canteen. There's no side quests, areas to explore or NPCs to talk to.
  • This quest serves as an introduction to the next Act of the story.


  • The title is a reference to the play Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare, as well as linking it to Titus Kabui, since he has the same first name.