Dead Island achievement/trophy
"Tis but a flesh wound!"
Sever 100 limbs.
Points 10 Game points
Trophy Trophy bronze

"Tis but a flesh wound!" is one of the achievements and trophies available in Dead Island.

To earn this achievement/trophy, the players must sever 100 limbs.


  • It may be best to use Xian Mei for this, as she is the sharp weapons expert.
  • When using a sharp weapon one should aim for the arms, legs and head for limbs to sever. Explosives at longer ranges can sever limbs as well. Remember one only gets the credit if the enemy is alive while severing the limb.
  • Analog fight controls can make this achievement/trophy easier, though using the controls themselves can be awkward for first-time users.


  • This is a quote from Monty Python's "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". When King Arthur fights the Black Knight, both of the Knights arms were cut off, but he still wishes to fight. When Arthur points out his injuries, the Black Knight says, "Just a flesh wound".