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The Tijuana Machete is a variant of the Machete and a Legendary Weapon featured in Dead Island, given by Dr. Nguyen in the Laboratory for his side quest Where is my Pineapple?. It also appears in Dead Island: Riptide, however it has a set spawn location and will always spawn as a white 'common' rarity weapon.


Compared to other machetes, the Tijuana Machete has more damage and durability, making it superior overall, though it retains its relatively poor stamina cost. The higher damage means it's good for killing Infected or taking out Walkers in a few hits, as well as severing limbs or decapitating zombies. Since it is a machete, it keeps its quite long reach, meaning you can hit zombies outside of their attack range to get the first hit in. It's a very good machete variant to have, especially for Xian Mei with her sharp weapon skills, making it a must have. Even for characters like Sam B who have no sharp weapon skills, having a legendary machete on hand with one of the fire mods allows for easy killing of toxic zombies.

It is also one of the few weapons to make a return in Riptide, however it has lost its legendry status. It instead appears in a set location as a common rarity weapon, though retaining its name. It is found lodged in the countertop of the bar at Paradise Survival Camp, and will respawn there every time the map is reloaded or the game is quit and reloaded. Due to being relegated to common weapon status, there is little reason to go out of your way to get the item other than as a collectors piece, as it can spawn with the various Weapon Affixes for weapons such as 'tired' or 'frail', which only harm its stats. The weapon is no better than a Machete that might be found on Merchants or in metal chests.


The Tijuana Machete can accept several mods, listed below:


  • The only way to acquire this weapon is by completing the side quest Where is my Pineapple? given by Dr. Nguyen in the Laboratory in Dead Island.
  • Since it is a quest reward, this weapon is unable to be found in metal chests or on the bodies of defeated zombies.
  • You cannot get the machete after the lab has been overrun with zombies, since Dr. Nguyen will have been killed and if his quest was not completed, you will be unable to turn in the quest.
  • The weapon is found in a white 'common' rarity form in Dead Island: Riptide After leaving the Flooded Jungle for Henderson. It's found lodged in the bar at Paradise Survival Camp. Oddly, this is not always the case, as a regular machete can spawn there instead.
  • Unlike other machetes, when equipped with the Hot Rod Mod, the blade of the Tijuana Machete will not display the red hot glow effect. It will still function as a heat-based weapon, igniting flammable Zombies and dealing fire damage.
  • Despite being a legendary weapon, it has virtually the same appearance as an ordinary Bolo Machete The only difference being the blade is more 'polished'.


  • This weapon was previously called "The Black Mamba" or simply "The Machete", but it was changed to "Tijuana Machete" after patch 1.3.
  • This machete may be in reference to an incident with a machete in Tijuana Valley in August of 2010. See here for more details.