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Tier 9 is the ninth crafting tier in Dead Island: Epidemic. It is unlocked with a tier 9 crafting bench, tied to player level 9, and allows more powerful weapons to be crafted.

Weapon unlocks[]

Crafting parts[]

Formidable part[]

Ordinary part[]


We're now firmly in the mid-tier of Epidemic and we're in the middle of the pack for using crafting ingredients. This is the third crafting part swap now as we need better items to make these new weapons! For whatever reason, this tier seems to be food themed as there's a lot of kitchen supplies at work here! The Colanders are just that, some colanders with spikes on them being used at the end of a glove. The Fruit Punch is the evolution of The Hukilau from the tier below, tier 8, since it's the same skewer but with a big pineapple taped to the end with nails sticking out, while the Light Cook is a handheld blender with a knife on the motor end. As for the rest, the Fan Hitter is an industrial fan used as a shield/melee weapon, scary and effective, the It Blends! is a garden mower by the looks, but on a pole used as a cutter and the Screwy Boxing Gloves are boxing gloves with a piece of metal with screws poking out, pretty standard stuff. The Brickbreaker is an evolution of the Cinderblocker from tier 7, since it's essentially a reinforced version of it, with metal caps over the bludgeoning end to make it more durable and deadly. My Cog-collection is the last thing to look at and it's a load of cogs mounted horizontally to a metal pipe, as effective as any other hammer!

The later tiers is where the firearms start to catch up, since all of them are pretty much standard firearms that have been modified. The Flashlight Rifle is just that, a standard hunting rifle with a flashlight taped under the barrel and that can also be said for the Flashlight Shotgun, which is also a standard shotgun with a torch on it. The Bayonet Pistols are your standard pistols we're all used to seeing by now, but with a knife taped to the side as close range melee defence.


  • This is the first tier to use Animal Glue and Plastic Scrap as crafting materials.
  • This tier seems to have a minor food theme.