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Tier 8 is the eighth crafting tier in Dead Island: Epidemic. It is unlocked with a tier 8 crafting bench, tied to player level 8, and allows more powerful weapons to be crafted.

Weapon unlocks[]

Crafting parts[]

Formidable part[]

Ordinary part[]


This tier has a lot of interesting weapons as well as a few oddities. The Homewrecker and Buckets of Pain are these exceptions, since The Homewrecker is just a paint roller with some nails in it and the Buckets of Pain are also just paint cans with spikes all around them. The Hooked Cogwheel is the natural evolution of the Crane Hook from Tier 7, since it's the Crane Hook but the hook has been replaced with a larger and heavier metal cog. The Deadly Exhaustion can also be placed in this category, as it's a car exhaust which has been used as a weapon, so nothing too exciting. The Hukilau is interesting as it's a large fruit skewer, complete with fruit, being used as a weapon! The Pawsomes is the most outlandish of the melee weapons here, since they're a pair of leather gloves with knives taped to the top of them. As for the rest, the Barbed Boxing Gloves are just boxing gloves wrapped in barbed wire, the Reinforced Wrench is just a wrench with some nails welded onto the end while the Reinforced Baseball Bat is a metal baseball bat with a couple of rings of spikes on the bat.

For firearms, the Teddy Guns are once again just standard pistols but with a teddy bear taped onto the end of each. Strange but the guns themselves are default. The Household Shotgun is a shotgun body but the barrel has been removed, or lost, and replaced with a metal pipe and a flashlight stuck on top of it all with a shovel handle used as a stock. The Bladed Rifle is exactly what you'd expect. It's a regular single shot hunting rifle with a large knife taped to the end under the barrel to act as a bayonet.


  • This is the last tier to use Leather Scrap and Gorilla Tape as crafting ingredients.