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Thwump! is a Journal featured in Dead Island 2. It is one of the collectibles possible used to gain the achievement Bookworm. It is part of The Truth series, specifically the OK. Konstant... section. It is message from a sKOpe about Lola Konradt's time immersed in Konstantin4.669.


Given by the sKOpe in the second floor bedroom of the Mansion Under Construction in Beverly Hills. After turning on all the sKOpes via the OSK Store in Ocean Avenue, the sKOpe in the bedroom will be online. Interact with it to collect the collectible.


<Excerpt: sub-voc journals of Lola Konradt - Konstantin4.669>

I have been immersed with Konstantin4.669 for three days straight. The BrinK prototype works brilliantly - the swelling has gone down, and my neck just feels stiff. This has never felt so real, so sensuous. As we dive through the Eschaton data the patterns engulf me, swirl around me like shoals of bright insects.

The genetic nature of the data is obvious. The self-referential imprint of life surrounds us, like a rainbow, alien forest on some distant world. It reminds me of carefree times when I was a child, Konstantin had paws, and we ran through sun-dappled woods together.

Konstantin learns through play. He is eager to chase the ball or jump through hoops. As he sniffs out patterns, making sense from the chaos, I share his perceptions and see this world transform again and again.

Gerrard did not tell me what to look for. All she wants is unbiased confirmation.

Then K applies another transform, and we see it. We pass through a phase transition and our world folds into itself. A gut-thumping pulse grabs us. Each pulse feelds like butt-sliding down a stair slowly.

Thwump. Thwump. Thwump.

Konstantin pauses; he is not applying these transforms. The pattern is doing it itself. We try to hold back, our shared instinct alarmed at the sucking certainty of the descent.

But the pattern reacts. It has traction upon us. It sucks us down another level.


The forest goes dark and quite, and I am gripped by crushing claustrophobia.

Konstantin reacts to my fear.


A puppy again, he looks at me with worried eyes, waiting for the signal to flee. But I give him a metaphorical scratch behind one ear. This is just a trend in the data, right?


Like a counter.


Counting down.


Time to luagh in the face of fear. I take my foot off the brake, let the frame rate go nuts, and now we're butt-sliding down the stairs at stupid speeds. I'm laughing and Konstantin's tongue is flapping in the wind.

Wup! Wup! Wup! Wup! Wup!

Then we hit bottom and the world explodes. Violent white noise. No pattern. Konstantin is overwhelmed, he does not know where to look. My stomach is churning.

I pull the chute and we are yanked back up as layers of context are stripped away. Exponents collapse until we are back on the surface of the base data.

I'm trying not to hurl.

Konstatin is bounding around me in circles; "Again! Again!"