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Three Nails is an easy difficulty continuous event given to the Hero by Bruno in Dead Island.


Bruno tasks the Hero with acquiring three nails as the toolbox you supplied didn't have any and there's none around the Church.


  • This is a very easy quest to complete.
  • Simply talk to Bruno start it.
  • He wants you to bring him nails so he can reinforce the Church against attacks.
  • As you play through the game, loot everything as you'd normally do.
  • When you have a surplus of nails that you know you'll never use, simply head to Bruno and keep trading to him for a small amount of XP and cash.


  • Nails can be purchased from Florencio in the Warehouse for $130.
  • In the Definitive Edition however, the experience gained has been nerfed to 70XP per 3 nails. Thus making the “infinite XP farming” via purchasing nails then going to Bruno much less effective if a high level player is trying to level up very fast.
  • You can only receive this after completing his previous side quest Fortress of God.