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The Walloper is a firearm featured in Escape Dead Island which was added in the Underwater Labs DLC. It's an alternative to the pistol which has greatly different properties and stats.


In the hatch next to the Freight Elevator exit to the Helipad. Go down the ladder and into the room at the end of the corridor at the bottom and the Walloper will be on a desk in the back centre of the room along with two boxes of Pistol Ammo nearby.


The Walloper is essentially the first hybrid firearm in a sense, in that it's a pistol that appears to acts like a shotgun. It differs greatly to either the Pistol or Silenced Pistol in many ways. It requires a little searching to find but when it's found it's a worthy addition to Cliff Calo's arsenal. As said, the pistol differs greatly to its use and function over the regular pistols found in the main game. The weapon suffers from very poor accuracy for one, meaning even a Shotgun outperforms it at range. However, this gun is a very powerful firearm, capable of killing a Shambler in one shot with a head- or bodyshot! It rivals the Hellfire Shotgun in headshot damage. This makes it perfect for taking out the higher health enemies such as Bouncers or Spitters but terrible for crowd control. It's noticeable that instead of firing a single round like the pistol, it fires a spread like a shotgun, contributing to its short range. This is however only a visual effect. Functionally the Walloper still functions as a pistol having no damage drop off, for if you manage to hit a long range shot, and offering a 2x damage multiplier upon hitting a headshot. It also has just one shot in the gun before needing to be reloaded, something very different to the 8 shots of the pistols.


  • Cliff reloads the gun from the front which has very similar animations to if he was reloading a musket or similar muzzle loaded weapon.
  • A duplicate Walloper (with corresponding room) can be seen from the living room area of the DLC. Conversely a duplicate living room area can been seen from the real Walloper room.
  • The Walloper has a fire rate of 0,21 bullets per second, including reload time.
  • By interrupting the reload animation it is possible to achieve a fire rate of ~0,46 bullets per second
  • A bodyshot deals 24 damage and a headshot deals 48 damage per shot. This amounts to a DPS of 5 and 10.1 respectively. With animation cancelling a DPS of ~11 and 22 respectively can be achieved.