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The Tunnels is a very hard difficulty main quest given to the Hero by Trevor Rogers in Dead Island: Riptide. It is the first time you travel outside of the Flooded jungle area and travel to a new location.


With the Tunnels entrance now clear of water, the Heroes must travel through the dark, disused tunnels complex under the island as their last chance of reaching Henderson.


  • Talk to Trevor to start the quest.
  • After successfully defending the Santa Maria Mission, the tunnel entrance is now exposed and you can use it to get into the tunnels.
  • Head down the stairs and use the metal door at the end of them to access the tunnels.
  • After entering, you'll notice that it's very dark down there. Your first point of call is to get some lights on so you can see.
  • Head down the corridor to find two pipes on the floor, angled upwards. Walk through the door to the right and you'll see a generator. Continue past it, go up the stairs to find a control panel. Use it to turn on the power.
  • Bad news! The lights go on for a second before failing and activating the emergency lighting systems.
  • Exit the room and climb up the pipes on the floor to access a higher level. There's a door at the end, go through it and you'll be in some more tunnels. Follow the minimap route to find some dead bodies by a wooden crate. Loot everything in the crate then follow your minimap route again.
  • Several of the tunnels are blocked by debris, so trust your minimap route, kill any zombies you find (mostly Walkers) before reaching a control room.
  • The control room is mostly destroyed, but you can see another generator, as well as a fuse box panel on the wall, which is missing a fuse. This is what's stopping the lights from turning on.
  • Use a pile of wooden crates on the floor to access a broken part of the ceiling. Crouch through it to reach a small room on the other side of the control room. The fuse is in here.
  • There's several zombies in this room, so be careful when you drop through. Clear the area, loot it, use the workbench before taking the fuse and unlocking the door. You will exit into the control room again.
  • Place the fuse in the box and the lights will finally turn on!
  • Now, you need to go to a lower level as you can't progress on this level any further.
  • Exit the room and follow the minimap to a long tunnel with a door at the end. This door will lead you to a ladder which will take you down further into the tunnels. There's no turning back.
  • Descend the ladder and clear the area. There's a bunch of Walkers here, including some on the ground. Kill them before they can get up.
  • Follow the tunnel around to a t-junction and go to the right. There's a puddle of chemicals which is useful for a side quest, but for us in the main quest it only leads to a blockage, so go round to the right and you'll appear in a vast cavern underground with a large radar dish in it.
  • This area is a mess of walkways and tunnels, so trust in your minimap route as you go through it. There's a lot of zombies here, including Infected and Suiciders, plus the usual mass of Walkers. Take your time and kill them all safely.
  • A quick way to get through it is to proceed down the ramps to your right. Push left and head for the cages over there. There's another part for the side quest here, but for us we can breeze right through if you don't want to loot it.
  • There's a ladder nearby, use it to get to a lower level walkway above some green chemicals. You'll know if it's the right ladder as near the bottom of it, written on the wall, is some Japanese letters and 812 painted in white. You'll be on a metal walkway, so just go to the end of it and go down another ladder.
  • You'll now be on the solid floor of the room, amongst the chemicals. They harm you if you stand in them, so avoid them and pick a route across the room to reach the broken hole in the wall on the other side of the room. Be careful of the Suicider who lurks down here amongst them.
  • Near the hole is a Grenadier, so be careful and kill him off as quickly as you can. See its dedicated page for tips.
  • Once the Grenadier is dead, go through the hole in the wall and take your first left down the tunnel. This will lead you to a short set of stairs and a right turn through a door. You'll arrive at another control room with a control panel.
  • Once again, however, you're missing a fuse. Thankfully in a far doorway of the room is a Thug. He has the fuse you need. Don't question it, he just really likes fuses.
  • Kill the Thug and loot him for the fuse. Place it in the fuse panel which is in the room that the Thug was standing in front of. There's also a workbench here for you to repair your weapons.
  • Exit the control room, now well lit, and go back to the tunnel. Proceed down it again to find a ladder at the end of it, and voices coming from above!
  • Take out a firearm before climbing the ladder. The whole area above you is filled with violent smugglers and they will shoot you.
  • If you don't have one, you can easily kill one who is sitting with his back to the ladder. Kill him and take the auto rifle leaning up next to him.
  • Equip the auto rifle and proceed down the tunnel until you reach some stacked crates and barrels. You'll see lights in the distance and these are from the smugglers.
  • Use cover and go for headshots to kill them quickly. Around hallway down the tunnel is a doorway which leads to a side tunnel. You can use this to flank the smugglers in front of you.
  • The area you're now in was clearly used by the smugglers as a place to live. As you fight through the place, you'll come across a cell type area which has bunks, as well as two large rooms which they have been using as a warehouse.
  • Once the place is cleared out, loot all the bags and containers around, then proceed to find a massive security vault door down a tunnel.
  • Unfortunately it's locked, so backtrack to a curving tunnel and force open the door. Harlow will have contacted you via radio, which will update your minimap route if you get lost.
  • Inside the room is the chief smuggler, but he'll go down easily to some headshots. Loot the area and grab the key from a wall cabinet. It's an open orange cabinet on the wall so it shouldn't be too hard to see.
  • Once you have the key, return to the large security door and use it to return to the surface.
  • You'll transition out of the tunnels and return to the surface. Sunlight has never been so welcome! You'll see the rest of the gang here and this will complete the quest.


  • There's no merchants in the tunnels, or any friendly NPCs of any kind, so make sure you buy/sell anything you want/need before descending into the tunnels.
  • Flares will be invaluable in the tunnels, as will your flashlight, as it is very dark and creepy down there.
  • If you have a weapon with the Torch Mod, or a similar fire effect, you can save yourself on flashlight power or flares, as the mod will give off some light for you.
  • There's a lot of zombies down here, including many Infected which will run at you from the darkness, so keep your head on a swivel and a good weapon handy.
  • It's ideal to complete Dr. Kessler's side quest History Lesson while you're down here. You can always fast travel back to him once you're on the other side of the tunnels.
  • While you're here, you can find a total of 5 mods in the tunnels. The Medieval Mod, High Voltage Mod, Pride Shotgun Mod, Poison Bomb Mod and Lightning Storm Mod. Spend some time looking for them, as this is the only time you're going to be down here, so you don't want to miss them.
  • There's a lot of explosive barrels while fighting the smugglers. You can use these to get some easy kills.