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The Tower is a location featured in Dead Island 2. Prior to the zombie outbreak, it was a large, tall mid-century lifeguard tower for Venice Beach which serviced the beach. When the outbreak happened, the United States Marine Corps took it over as operations HQ for the evacuation of Venice Beach and its surrounding areas alongside the Venice Beach FOB. However, the evacuation ended up failing and being overrun, leaving the tower abandoned and the surrounding area full of zombies. W.O. Rodriguez barricaded herself in the tower for protection, warning off other survivors.

The Slayers first arrive at the tower during the story quest The Final Gauntlet after fighting their way through the evacuation corridor from the Venice Beach FOB, guided by W.O. Rodriguez and directed to the Ocean Avenue exit. After reaching the structure, it can be accessed via the garage and serves as a secondary Safe House for Venice Beach.




The Tower is a hexagonal structure surrounded by numerous barriers and shipping containers. Outside of the main structure, there are several access points to the surrounded area including:

  • Primary base entrance with checkpoints, which terminates in the exit to Ocean Avenue. In this section, there is also an "air lock" exit to the north west end of the Venice Beach Boardwalk
  • Secondary base entrance directly onto the beach. There is some spilled water and exposed wires inside this "air lock," the generator of which is located inside an adjacent shipping container.
  • Tertiary exit to the evacuation corridors to the left of the tower, connecting to the Venice Beach FOB.
  • Military/CDC exit serving as a travel point to Santa Monica. The Santa Monica travel point is unlocked after visiting the location for the first time.
  • Rear exit opening onto a section of the beach containing the "death pits." This area is also part of the side quest Cremains of the Day, given by Melissa Rodriguez after talking to her for the first time.

Ground Floor[]

DI2-location-tower-ground floor

The first floor is accessed through the garage security gate located in the front. The building includes a garage, several bathrooms, a locker room, a kitchen/lounge, and an office space/conference room (opened via a fusebox). Throughout the first floor are numerous traps the Slayer must navigate in order to ascend the tower. These traps include fire/oil in the garage area, electricity/water in locker room, and caustic puddles in the office area. The kitchen also has a rigged shotgun trap with a water barrel.

Second Floor[]


The second floor appears to have been a secondary lounge area with some storage and several lockers, though now it holds a storage locker, a fast travel map, and a workbench. There is a door outside to the roof on the far wall, though it can never be opened. When first arriving, the Vigilant Perk blueprint can be found between the workbench and the fast travel map.

Top Floor[]


The top floor of the structure is the similar footprint as the ground floor, cantilevering out over the middle of the building. It contains the primary base of operations for the Venice Beach coast guard, now converted into a secondary operating base for the military evacuation efforts. The sole surviving soldier, introduced as Warrant Officer Rodriguez remains in the base.


W.O. Rodriguez acts as this safe house's trader after talking to her for the first time.

Notable sold items[]


  • The collectible journal, Krishna, can be obtained from the sKOpe in the kitchen.
  • The lockbox, Delgado's Supply Case, can be found on the second floor.
  • The blueprint, Vigilant Perk, can be found on the second floor.
  • After speaking with Melissa Rodriguez the first time, she will become the safe zone's trader, focusing on projectile weapons.


  • The Tower is based on the real life historic landmark location, the Venice Beach Lifeguard Station., which served as the headquarters of the L.A. County Lifeguard Service until 2016.
  • Although it is a safe house, the Slayers never actually have to enter or use it during the course of the game, and can bypass it between story missions.